Help the older children be a good elder brother or sister when having babies

In many families, parents want to bear 2 children or more. The first children often feel a little jealous with their younger brothers or sisters. It is easy to understand. Parents’ responsibility is help the first children control this envy. Besides, adults have to make the first children love their siblings.

So, preparing for the first child immediately when you have pregnancy plan is necessary. It’s never being too soon. You have 2 aims. The first one is make children be fun when having babies. The second aim is children still feel be coddled like before having new siblings.

Here are something parents should preparing for the first children.



Before the new babies are born

Parents should make the first child mount with their younger brothers or sisters

Parents have to tell the first children that they will have younger brothers or sisters. Mothers should talk with the first child about the second child. At each age of the first children, parents have to introduce about new family members to them. With older kids, mothers can let them see ultrasound photos of their new siblings in the future. Mothers also can let older children touch their stomachs to feel movement of babies in it. Besides, mothers can let older kids talk with babies on their stomachs. Doing those things, children gradually aware that they will have babies to play with.

Parents can call back memories when the first children still young. 

Parents should sit down and see some photos of the first children. Those photos can be taken from many other periods in children life. It can be taken when children were born at hospital. Photos of children when from hospital to home are worth seeing, too. Or you can let your children see photos when they are toddlers. By these ways, parents can help children imagine what happen when they have babies.

Parents should let your older children go along when preparing for new children.

Buying some new things for new born babies is necessary. But parents often just concentrate too much on new members of families. They forget their older children at that time. It will make older kids be vulnerable so much. Older kids will even feel envy with their younger brother or sisters. Thus, when buying something for babies, parents should ask older children’ opinions. Besides, adults have to buy something for older children. This action will make children feel they are still being concerned when having babies.

You and your older kids should decorate room for new family members. When decorating, you should teach your older children step by step. And you should let your older kids develop their creativity. Doing this thing, your children feel they are play an important role in preparing for new born baby.

After the babies were born

After babies were born, you should explain to your older kids that infants just cry. Let your children understand that new born babies haven’t known any other things yet. This is the only way infants be familiar with people around.

Parents also should encourage older children appease their younger brothers or younger sisters. Or you also let your older kids hug their little siblings. This thing can make children feel the close with babies. Besides, older kids can adapt with their new role.

When new born babies grow, parents can ask older children take care of their little siblings. Older children can replace diapers, keep milk bottle, dab soap for babies. Older kids will feel excited about this new role. And they will feel happy when having little siblings.

Adults also should notice when older children is nearby their little siblings. You should just let older kids cuddle babies slightly when you are nearby babies. Older children hold babies too tight can harm their little siblings.

Parents should let older children know that babies seem so happy when playing with them.

In short, love between siblings is very important. I hope that these tips above can play a part in successful of parents in teaching children.