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Holidays 2 – 4 great Easter games for smart kids App Review

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Whether you’re looking for games for Easter or simply want some fun arcade-style games for kids, Holidays 2 – 4 great Easter games for smart kids is a good choice. As the subtitle suggests, the app offers four different Easter games designed to challenge kids and build their logic and reasoning skills. While designed for kids ages 4-7, older kids and even adults will find themselves entertained by the challenging games.

Features include:

  • Four arcade-style games
  • Easter-themed images
  • Time to control play time
  • Safe play environment for kids


The app gets kids’ attention with its colorful Easter-themed graphics. Each of the four games is represented by an Easter egg sitting in a field of grass. Tapping on an egg, gives kids access to the particular game. Since all of the games are modeled on common arcade games, they are pretty easy to learn how to play. The app assumes this by hiding instructions in an info button rather than displaying them when kids first open the game. For most of the games the instructions are not needed, but they would be helpful to review before playing the code game.


This app is not being rated for education.


All of the games have that slightly addicting quality you expect from traditional arcade-style games. Each game also offers enough of a challenge to keep kids wanting to play more. For example, during the Connect 4 game, the bunny proves to be a formidable opponent, keeping kids on their toes. The code game is also incredibly challenging, especially when played without the numbers. All of the games help kids keep their logic and spatial reasoning skills sharp.


Many of the games available in the app can be played online for free. The only difference is they don’t come with fun Easter images. They’re also not usually found in a protected environment. The app provides both, making it a better option than some of the free versions out there.

Child Friendliness

Developers have taken care to make sure the app is suitable for kids. The details are included in a protected parent section. There parents can also set a timer to control how long kids can play the app. The timer can be set in five minute intervals.

  • Protected parent area (contains external links and access to social media)
  • NO external links
  • NO social media
  • NO in-app purchase
  • NO 3rd party ads
Holidays 2 – 4 great Easter games for smart kids
Holidays 2 - 4 great Easter games for smart kids
Traditional games get an Easter-themed makeover to provide kids with a challenging, fun, and safe activity for the holiday.
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