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  • How to Make Electricity
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How to Make Electricity is an app that allows children to experiment with and learn various forms of electricity in a free play environment. Perfect for the little scientist in your home.

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How to Make Electricity is an interactive app that allows children to engage in and explore various methods of making electricity. With items like pickles, light bulbs, fans, and other scientific tools to experiment with, players can see how the electricity reacts in various situations. There is also a ‘science view’ that allows children to get an in-depth look at the electric current flowing (or not) through the circuit they have created.

Features include:

  • 4 Experimental labs
  • Interactive free play
  • Unique set up


The developers have done a great job with the visuals and interactive images throughout this app. Within each experimental area there is a variety of scientific items and tools for children to play with as they explore how electricity works. The sound effects are also very well done and they add to the overall realistic feel to the app with clicking, zapping, and other fun sounds that make children feel like they are really in a laboratory experimenting. This app is also fairly easy to play as children have the freedom to tap and drag items into place without a ton of instruction or help.


How to Make Electricity is an app that is designed to teach children through interactive play how electricity flows through various items and scientific tools. The learning environment is self-guided so players can move through each experimental area on their own and enjoy the freedom of experimenting as they choose. The experimental areas are broken down into chemical, hydro, thermal, and solar and there are a wide variety of items like coils, potatoes, light bulbs and the like included for children to experiment with.

The developers have included some educational material within the app, but only once children complete various mysterious experimental tasks. As they play with the different tools that are provided, players are rewarded a discovery reward that provides more info on what they just created. While the idea behind the app is to inspire free playing and open experimentation it would be nice to provide some educational information earlier in the app and not just when they receive a discovery reward. Maybe even adding an additional information section that teaches the name of the tools used or more scientific terms that provides information about making electricity would be a bit more helpful for children wanting to learn about this topic.


For children who are interested in all things science related this app is sure to be a ton of fun. Within each of the four experimental areas, players can play for discovery rewards. As they experiment with the various coils and other scientific items, they can earn discovery rewards that pop up that aren’t as much rewards as they are experimental tasks that are complete. For instance, when children add a key to the liquid in the battery lab, they receive a discovery reward for creating a voltaic cell as well as additional information for completing the task.

As it stands, this app could use a bit more entertainment included maybe a game, puzzle, or a different reward system to create a more engaging app for children.


Priced at just under three dollars, this app is a good value for what it provides. For children who love science and experimenting with various tools and items, this app is going to be a lot of fun and with four experimental labs and 20 discovery rewards to earn, players are likely to get a lot of playing time out of this app.

Child Friendliness

The developers have created How to Make Electricity in a way that allows players to play on their own and experiment within the various labs at their leisure. The simple drag and drop functioning makes this app easy for children of all ages to use.

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How to Make Electricity is an app that allows children to experiment with and learn various forms of electricity in a free play environment. Perfect for the little scientist in your home.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars