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A wildly creative and interactive digital book about a boy and his attempt to replace the monster who comforts him by routinely sleeping under his bed. A wonderful book indeed!

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Available on the App Store

I Need My Monster is a fun tale of a little boy who misses his monster that routinely sleeps under his bed. As he tries to find a replacement that will be just the right fit for him, he is greeted by various other monsters that don’t quite fit the bill. In this e-book children will not only be entertained by this unique story, but will also love the awesome interactive illustrations and animation as they read this fun tale to themselves or with the narrator. There is also an opportunity for added fun with the matching and follow-me games included making this app more than just an e-book for young children to enjoy.

Features include:

  • Read to me/Read by myself narration options
  • Excellent interactive illustrations
  • Text highlighting
  • Two memory activities

As an adult reading this digital e-book, I absolutely loved it not only for the unique and entertaining story, but also because the quality is excellent. The graphics are unique and done very well with various interactive illustrations throughout that children will enjoy discovering.

Various pictures come to life and are accompanied by sound effects as they are tapped or touched. For instance, on some pages the bed side lamp will turn on and off and each monster that appears has a unique animation that goes along with the story when touched. The narrator’s voice is animated as well which makes for a delightful read when using the “read to me” option.

The interactive illustrations, sound effects, and audio included in this e-book in addition to the two memory activities make for top-notch quality that parents and children will appreciate along with the creative story.

As is expected with most digital books, the main opportunity for learning is in the narration options. This app offers text highlighting when you use the “read to me” option that allows children to follow along and practice their reading skills. Unfortunately it does not have the voice record option that some e-books include which may be disappointing for some, as it provides an additional way children can practice their reading skills and record their voice at the same time.

Also included are two additional activities (matching and follow-me games) that allow children to work on their memory skills as they play which adds another skill practice though it is not entirely educational. The added activities could certainly be improved to increase the educational value of this app.

The entertainment in this digital book is wonderful. Not only do children get the benefit of a really cute story, but they also get to interact with the illustrations by touching them to bring them to life. And what I love even more is the fact there are two additional activities included adding a bit of diversity which is always nice.

The matching game is your traditional memory card game. There are 3 levels each with more cards to match up which makes for a nice challenge. The follow-me game is also a memory game as children attempt to remember and repeat a sequence of patterns. In this game there are four monsters and children must tap the monsters in the same order as shown and each time they do this correctly the sequence gets longer which also challenges children the more they play.

These two added activities in combination with a fun story and the interactive details included make this app one children won’t want to put down.

For an e-book this app is close to the average cost for digital books and it is a really great one to add to your library. With such high quality illustrations and animations in addition to the two memory games, this is a one of a kind app you won’t want to miss out on.

On top of the fact this app is a great story and easy to use, it is also completely safe for children. There are no in app purchases or advertisements to be concerned about, however there is an option to rate the app after it is read that links back to the app store, so parents will want to be careful of that.

I love how interesting each new monster is and how they look more silly than scary and I think this is perfect for children who may be dealing with their own monster fears. I Need My Monster makes the idea of a “monster” seem more comforting than scary making it great for young children.

Available on the App Store