This iphone app goes beyond the simple “learn to tell time” app. I downloaded this app when my 2nd grader was learning to tell time in a more advanced way. Time before, time after, elapsed time, as well as telling time to the minute. Unfortunately this app does not have a free version, so I didn’t test it before I bought it. Although this would normally prevent me from trying this iphone app, the screenshots sold it for me – and also I knew I needed the advanced “learning to tell time” functionality.

If your kid is just starting to learn time, there are several great free apps (lite versions) that you can test out without paying. This app lacks the cute factor that some of the other “learn to telling time” apps have, but once again what it lacks in finesse it makes up for with functionality.

The Tell Time app allows you to chart your progress with yellow to black belts in each of four categories, Tell Time, Time Before, Time After and Elapsed Time. Problems are also shown as word problems, so reading is required.

Bottom line: I really believe that the developers / designers who make such great apps should be rewarded by downloading the full paid versions once you have tested the apps. I wish however, that there was an easier way to test these apps before downloading the full version. It would be great if you could get a refund if you don’t like the app or if you have a substantial time (1 hour to 1 day, not 1 minute) to test and play with the app before paying.

Telling Time iPhone / iPad App
The opening screen of Telling Time app shows the different time telling functions you can practice.
Telling Time iPhone / IPad App
The settings on the Telling Time iPhone / iPad app allows you to set different difficulty levels, amount of time and number of questions.
Learn to Tell Time iPhone / IPad App
An example of a Time After problem on the Learn to Tell Time iPhone / IPad App
Learn to Tell Time iPhone / IPad App
The elapsed time screen on the Learn to Tell Time iPhone / IPad App
Telling the Time iphone / ipad app
The basic time telling screen on Telling the Time iphone / ipad app
Learn to Tell Time iPhone / IPad App
Top scores by time, by percentage and by player on the Learn to Tell Time iPhone / IPad App