Giffaffe's Matching Zoo iPhone App For Kids
PRICE: free

Giraffe’s Matching Zoo iPhone App by Tomato Interactive

This is an adorable free iPhone / iPad app for preschoolers. It’s a very simple matching game, but the graphics are nice and the sounds are funny. I would give it 5 stars, but really there is not enough going on in this app, you just play the same game over and over. That being said, my as a 2 – 3 year old, Matching Zoo kept my son’s attention really well. As a free app, this preschool memory game is great.

One criticism from a parent was that it was too easy for a kid to download the paid apps from this iPhone app developer. I understand the concern, but don’t think that it is any easier to download than any other app.

Giraffes Matching Zoo iPhone App
An easy to use interface and friendly giraffe make this iPhone / iPad app great for preschool kids
Giraffes Matching Zoo iPhone App
Each animals has a cute and goofy sound that goes along with this adorable preschool app
Giraffe's Matching Zoo iPhone / iPad app for kids
I disagree, but some parents think the "also available" button might make it too easy for kids to download paid apps.