iWrite Words iPhone iPad App for Kids


PRICE: $2.99

MY RATING: 4 / 5 (very good)
BUY IT? yes
TRY IT? Absolutely


iWriteWords by gdiplus

We’ve been using the iWrite Words iPhone / iPad app by gdiplus for a while now – and it isfantastic. The lite version is definitely worth checking out first – and may even be fine for your needs. Since I used it so much, I decided to opt for the paid version which is currently $2.99. I don’t see a big difference in the paid version vs. the lite, but just think it’s important to support the small developers who are doing great work.

This iphone / ipad app is great for kids learning their alphabet and a some basic words, mostly animals. The iWriteWords app works by allowing kids to trace uppercase, lowercase, or numbers using their finger to follow Mr Crab to complete each letter. The letters, numbers and words are then sounded out.

The illustrations are absolutely adorable – although keeping this style might be more difficult if they extend the app to have more words. The kid is rewarded with a big cheer.

One of the great things about this alphabet app is that it has been optimized for both the iphone and ipad. Many new apps are coming out for the iPad, but I really love apps that are universal. You might miss out on some of the functionality that you can get by targeting the apps to iPad OR iPhone. But as a parent, it is the iPhone that I have with me all the time and can calm a irritable child.

The app is easy to use for kids and also easy navigate to the home screen. I may be missing something, but for too many apps the only way to start over or get to the home screen is to exit the app.

The only thing stopping me from giving this app 5 stars, is that I would love to see information on the progress and also rewards or sticker charts. I think this would help the parent gauge how well the child was doing, and also to motivate the child.

iWriteWords iPhone iPad App for Kids
The iWriteWords iPhone iPad app helps kids learn and write the alphabet, numbers and words. Here uppercase letters are practiced.
iWriteWords iPhone iPad app for kids
Childrens learn to trace lower case letters and the work "cat" in the iWriteWords iPhone iPad app
iWriteWords iPhone iPad app for kids
Adorable graphics, and sounded out letters and words help learning to write the alphabet fun for kids.
iWriteWords iPhone iPad app for kids
Tap or shake the iPhone / iPad app to play the Alphabet song in the iWriteWords app for kids
iWriteWords iPhone iPad app for kids
Choose what you want to learn from the home page - it's also easy to get back to from anywhere in the app.