Super Why iPhone / iPad app

PRICE: $2.99
MY RATING: 5 / 5 (excellent)



The SuperWHY app follows along the same lines as the PBS kids show, entertaining and educating young kids about words and reading. With 4 different games within the app, kids everything from tracing letters to picking the best word to finish a sentence from popular kids stories. Stickers are earnt throughout this kids app.

Overall, this is a great app -  my 4 and 6 year old kids both enjoyed playing with this app, although sometimes guessing the wrong answer is just as fun in Super Why’s Story Saver. I would recommend this app to preschoolers all the way to 2nd graders who might need a little extra help with language arts.

Super Why’s Story Saver:

Kids help finish sentences from popular kids books by choosing the correct word.

Princess Presto’s Wands Up Writing:

Children learn to spell words by listening to letter sounds and tracing the letters out.

Wonder Red’s Rhyming Time:

Play the game by selecting rhyming words.

Alpha Pig’s Lickety Letter Hunt:

Once again, kids are encouraged to spell words by selecting the correct letter to continue on the letter hunt.

Super Why! iPhone / iPad app
Learn to spell words, by identifying and tracing letters in the Super Why! app
Super Why! iPhone / iPad app
Play with rhyming words in the Super Why! iPhone / iPad app
Super Why! iPhone / iPad app
Go on a treasure hunt to find all the letters in a word in the Super Why! iPhone / iPad app
Super Why! iPhone / iPad app
Finish a sentence from a popular children's book with the most appropriate word. Be warned, my kids prefer to let Rapunzel let down her broccoli than her hair in this Super Why! iPhone / iPad app