Balloonimals app by IDEOBalloonimals – IDEO

Rating: 4 out of 5
Buy it? Yes
iPhone / iPod app: $1.99
iPad (HD) app: n/a
Universal app : n/a

Kiwi and Pear's World Adventure iPod

Balloonimals from Ideo ToyLab is a quiet favorite. Is a simple, cute app, done well and surprisingly entertaining. Initially, I didn’t see much substance to the app, but after watching my kids (ages 4-8) play with it I realized that it really captured their imagination. This app is best suited to preschool ages kids (ages 2-4)

After blowing up the balloonimals – and yes, you get to blow into your iphone -  you can play and see funny little animations. The animations themselves are my favorite part of the app, especially the snails.

I am giving this app a 4-star rating, because although I really like it, I would really like to see more. More animals, more interactions and maybe a game too. There is a separate game app called Balloonimals Pop! which is also fun and will be reviewed separately.

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