Number Sense - math app for kids

Number sense – Emantras Inc

Rating: 4 out of 5
Buy it? Yes
iPhone / iPod app: $1.99
iPad (HD) app: $1.99
Universal app: n/a

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This is a great app for kids who are beyond simple number recognition. There are 4 different games within the app which reinforce different math challenges that you should expect to see in kindergarten such as understanding “more than”, sequencing numbers from low to high, as well as counting to 20.

The graphics in the app are really nice and although it isn’t a universal app, it still looked good on my iPad. Unlike some of the math apps, this does try to bundle several math games into one app, however some of these games don’t work quite as smoothly as I would like. For example, in Booster Balls you catch falling balls in a trolley, but the trolley doesn’t move quite fast enough. Overall, these are pretty minor flaws and this is a solid math app that I highly recommend.

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