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Review Summary:

Play with Jack or play with Jill in this cute preschool game inspired by one of kids’ favorite nursery rhyme pairs.


Jack and Jill’s Preschool Adventure is your typical preschool app, but still one worth having. With the app, kids can access six different games that have them interacting with colors, numbers, letters and shapes. As they successfully complete games, kids will be rewarded with toys for their virtual toy boxes and receive positive praise from the app’s two main characters, Jack and Jill.

Features include:

  • Six different games
  • Choice of characters
  • Positive praise
  • Rewards for performance
  • Low price


This app lacks a bit of polish. All of the graphics are clear and will be enjoyed by kids, but they lack a wow-factor and that sharp edge that could take the app over the top. The app features entertaining background music and sound effects that kids will love, but they are occasionally too loud. For example, during a balloon-popping game, the balloons pop at a high volume and sound more like gunshots. The lack of polish in the graphics and sounds, however, is minor compared to quality of the material the app has to offer.


Kids will find a range of activities in this app. Like most preschool apps, Jack and Jill’s Preschool Adventure takes kids through activities that have them search for colors, count, identify shapes and find matches. Instead of just having kids recognize letters, the app also begins to introduce kids to vowel sounds. Kids are motivated to complete the activities through positive praise for correct answers and for earning digital toys to place in the app’s toy box.


Most toddlers and preschools will really enjoy this app. It appeals to both boys and girls, allowing them to choose to play with Jack or Jill. Kids can also choose an outfit for the character they choose. Girls will appreciate that Jill’s outfits are not limited to frilly dresses and bows – she can also be a pirate or a superhero. In addition to playing as a character of their choice, the animation, sound effects, positive praise and rewards will keep kids entertained as they play.


Because it is priced low, Jack and Jill’s Preschool Adventure is a great price, especially when compared to similar apps. For the price, kids can choose between two characters, multiple costumes and six entertaining games.

Child Friendliness

Even toddlers will be able to easily start up the app and play all of the games. Kids are not penalized for incorrect answers, just encouraged to try again, so even if the games are a little advanced, they will not be discouraged easily.

Play with Jack or play with Jill in this cute preschool game inspired by one of kids’ favorite nursery rhyme pairs.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars