Kazam Balance Bike Review

We love our children. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing your children grow up in front of our eyes. We want to give them something that will help them in their future life. Balance bike should be on top of that list because Balance bike teaches them a lot. Balance bikes teach them how to balance, how to steer something and most of all the basics of how to ride a bike.

Kazam is already a renowned brand all over the world mostly in Australia, Japan, Europe, Singapore and Canada. So, they have established themselves in the balance bike market as a major player. Now, this is the perfect time to talk about the Balance Bikes from Kazam and why people should buy it or not.

I have to say Kazam is not the best designed bikes we have reviewed. The bike looks really simple. In fact it looks so simple that people might overlook the bike when they go to a shop. But people used to say looks can be deceiving and let us find out if it is actually true.


Benefit of Customer: 

Simple yet sturdy and metal made body of Kazam is built to last. Quick release option of the bike lets various users adjust their height within seconds. Footrest is positioned not just for comfort but also for safer riding. Riding has been made for safe with the inclusion of covered bolts. The seat is also really comfortable for toddlers. All in all Kazam provides so much benefit to its customer base that they do not really need a great design to sell their bikes.

Highlights features of this bike.

Kazam has a full metal and sturdy looking body which actually makes the bike a bit heavy but in the positive note Kazam balance bike review showed it is one of the most durable balance bikes in the market. It has a really spongy and comfortable seat. The footrest is also a well built one because it is positioned in such a unique way that toddlers can rest their foot there but in a safer way. The bike weighs 11.2 pounds. The seat range is 14-17.5 inch. Tires are air pressurized. There is quick release on seat for easy adjustments.



  • Designed for durability
  • Perfectly positioned footrest
  • Covered bolts
  • Comfortable seat
  • Air pressurized tires
  • Brake option available
  • Quick adjustable seat
Our Kazam balance bike review showed that the bike is heavier than most other balance bikes. The balance bike is specifically targeted for kids aging 3-6 which mean kids aging less than 3 years might not be able to ride on the bike. Even though the tire is air pressurized rubber it still slips on muddy roads.

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Guide to use:

The Kazam comes preinstalled in the box so you do not have to assemble it. Before taking your child for a ride adjust the seat height. First few days let your child ride the bike in the home and when they get a hang of it let them go out.

How to maintain and clean:

It is important to clean the balance bike once in a while. If cleaned with wet cloth should dry out the bike because as the body is made from metal the bike might catch rust if kept wet. Pure some lube oil in the seat adjusting rod once in a while to last the bike longer than usual.


  1. My child is 2 years old, is he not acceptable to ride the bike?

Ans: It all depends on the growth rate of your kid. Usually we found kids aging 2 or less do not feel comfortable riding the bike

  1. How much time does it take to learn the balancing part?

Ans: it usually takes 2-3 weeks to be a pro

  1. How do I adjust the seat height?

Ans: Just release the quick locking knot and pull the rod up or down to adjust


Kazam is an excellent bike to buy for your kids. The biggest problem is its weight which is why they advised to give the bike to kids aging 3 or more. And if you really do not want to buy this bike for your 2 year old kid you can buy Twista Balance Bike which is also great for learning balance.

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