BananaNinja By Skyreader Media Inc

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Banana Ninja is a fantastically funny and creative homage to all superheroes in the form of a graphic novel. Stalking the grocery aisles, Banana Ninja and his sidekick Cinnamon Sumo, protects soft skinned fruit from crazy canned goods and – the rats!

The illustrations are great and the voice overs and animations are spot on. The graphic novel maximizes the screen, just swipe just to get to the table of contents and other options. Plus you get all the standard fare in an eBook – auto read, read to me, read to myself.

While Banana Ninja might not be for everyone this graphic novel definitely appealed to both myself and the kids. 5 stars!

Can Banana Ninja survive the food fight of his life? Read how Banana Ninja teams up with Cinnamon
Sumo save the stock at Pat’s Corner Grocery from the evil Rat Boss. But when Banana Ninja and
Cinnamon Sumo stumble into the canned food section, they’re in for a big surprise! Read how Banana
Ninja courageously faces injustice and teaches his friend to use his head before he uses his hands.

Banana Ninja is an engaging, interactive and educational reading experience designed to address social
issues such as bullying and gaining confidence. Banana Ninja is well loved by children, parents and
created for the education system with the contribution of LITERACY CONSULTANTS.

Banana Ninja is a SkyReader Interactive Storybook Production from the Executive Producers of some
of the world’s best loved animated television series such as The Raccoons, Atomic Betty, Miss BG and
Captain Flamingo.

There are three ways to enjoy this interactive story app. Whichever you choose, you get to enjoy the
reading experience your way:
1. AUTOREAD – Sit back and enjoy the story as the story is read to you and pages turn
2. READ TO ME – Listen to the narrator and other character voices and watch the speech bubbles
appear. Don’t forget to turn the page!
3. READ MYSELF – Turn the pages and enjoy the story in its traditional form, but touch the screen
to discover the funny sounds and actions that Coyote and Rabbit make.

Additional Features:
• DISCOVERABLES – Touch Banana Ninja and Friends to see and hear surprises and repeat the
action yourself.
• DYNAMIC PAGE INDEX – “Swipe Up” and skip ahead or go back easily to your favourite page
with the dynamic page index
• OPTIONS – Enjoy the story your way. When you “Swipe Up”, you get access to the options menu
at anytime to change your reading options
• Use the touchable table of contents and go straight to the chapter you’d like to start reading
• SOUND EFFECTS AND MUSIC – Remember to turn your volume on to hear the fun special
sound effects and music that are a part of Banana Ninja’s adventure in Pat’s Corner Grocery.
• ANIMATIONS – Touch the pages as you read to repeat sounds and animations
• GRAPHIC NOVEL style with excellent writing and illustrations that have been read and loved by
children, parents and educators for more than a decade.
• Created in conjunction with Rubicon Publishing
• Professional Sound , Narration and Voice Acting by some of the world’s leading creative talent
• Industry leading animation by Mercury Filmworks, the animation studio that has produced well
loved children’s series such as Toot and Puddle, Jimmy Two Shoes and Stella and Sam.

Voice Actors:
• Banana Ninja – Rob Tinkler (the voice of Grumpy Bear from the Care Bears Big Wish Movie)
• Cinnamon Sumo – Joe Motiki (various voices from the TV Series “The Cat in the Hat knows a lot
about that”)
• Rat Boss – Ron Rubin (voice of Artemis in Sailor Moon)
• Various Characters – Cory Doran (voice of Jimmy from Jimmy Two Shoes)