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[tabtext]Our Review[/tabtext] [tabtext]Description[/tabtext] Like Cookie Doodle, Cake Doodle is a fun and no-mess way for kids to practice their baking and decorating skills.

In the app you get to pick a recipe, mix ingredients, bake, decorate , then eat your cake. It’s quite educational and makes me want to try out their recipes to see if they work in a real kitchen.

My boys love this game and have spent a lot of time making me crave a real cake after virtually eating their virtual cakes! Need a cake in a hurry for that special occasion? Love to decorate cakes, but hate the dirty pans, messy counters and hot kitchen? Cake Doodle is the answer! Crack the eggs, shake the salt, pour in the liquids, squeeze the lemon, mash the bananas, sift the flour, and toss in the dry ingredients. Blend the batter and bake your cake in our super fast oven. No need to wait for the cake to cool before icing and decorating it. Eat the cake yourself when you’re done or save it to your photo album. Surprise your friends with a customized cake e-mailed to them on their special day.


Fourteen different cake recipes: * Dark Chocolate * Yellow Cake * Carrot Cake * Red Velvet * Lemon Chiffon * Banana * Peanut Butter * Strawberry * Pumpkin * Apple * Hummingbird * Cinnamon Coffee Cake * Cherry * Cheese Cake * Pineapple Cake * Persian Love Cake * Pecan Spice Cake * Instant Cake (skip making the batter and get right down to baking and decorating) Eighteen cake styles: * Two Tiered Topsy Turvy * Three Tiered Topsy Turvy * Sheet Cake * Two Layer Round * Round (Top View) * Two Tiered Round * Three Tiered Round * Three Tiered Square Double Round * Two Tiered Square * Three Tiered Square * Two Tiered Twist * Three Tiered Twist * Three Tier Offset Square * Heart * Two Tier Heart * Double Square Round * Bunny * Egg * T-Shirt * Star * Two Tier Star * Three Tier Star Also includes: * 49 frosting colors * 74 icing tips * 142 Decorations including flowers, candles, brides, grooms, and animals