LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon 75105 Hands-On Review & Build Process

The Millenium Falcon. Very Distinct And Doesn’t Stink

The Millenium Falcon has intrigued us for years by escaping the battle with its quick speed, being captured by the Empire, stolen and sitting unused as junk metal, then stolen again only to be found again by its rightful owner Han Solo 15 years later.

Excitement and trouble always seem to catch up with the Millenium Falcon and in the midst of battle, something inevitably seems to break down on the ship leading to some more troubled excitement.

Never designed to be on the front line of battle, this unassuming saucer-shaped freight frigate captained by some of our favorite heroes, the Millennium Falcon has helped save the Resistance from annihilation. Now that’s exciting, almost as exciting as creating your very own Millennium Falcon!

Let’s get building!


What’s In the Box

Model Number



From $180 on Amazon

Box Size

22¾ inches x 15 inches x 3⅓ inches

Built Size

18½ inches x 12½ inches x 4¾ inches

Bag count

10 Individually Numbered Bags, 1 Unnumbered Bag

Piece count

1329 pieces


1 Manuals (159 Pages)

Putting It All Together


The Millennium Falcon was built by a 9-year-old and his mother (for fun, not out of necessity) over approximately 7 man hours.

Build Process

The Millenium Falcon was built by following the 159 page manual with step by step instructions. Each section of the manual corresponds to one of the uniquely numbered bags (#1 – #9 with two #8 bags) that must be built in order to achieve the final product. Some of the sections also included the oversized pieces from the unnumbered bag. Be sure to open this bag first, as you will need pieces from here almost immediately.


The Millennium Falcon almost appeared too good to be true, so our little builder opened the box the minute it arrived. He just couldn’t wait to get building!


We start by building the base of the ship with the pieces from bag 1. This section was quite routine as we built up anticipation for the more exciting parts we knew were to come. Bag 2 and 3 brought more interesting details to the interior of the spacecraft. We built such things as a trap door, the hyperdrive engines, control panels, sofas, and beds.

The highlight was putting in place the holochess table where the mini-figures gather to play this intergalactic game. Bag 3 also contained the pieces for our favorite shipmates, Han Solo and Chewbacca. Chewy has a really cool three-piece weapon that even shoots a little stud when the lever is pushed!




Bag 4 includes the Minifigure Finn, and this is also where we begin to build the wall surrounding the interior of the ship. We also add onto the cockpit, and the main control panel of the ship is installed. In bag 5, we finish off the interior walls, as well as the walls at the stern (back). The highlight of this section was putting in the translucent blue tube that creates the hyperdrive! This is a very distinct piece that we are pretty sure is unique to this set.


Our favorite astromech droid, a BB-8 minifigure was included in bag 6. The rest of the pieces in this bag were used to add on to the cockpit and build the stationary part of the ship’s roof.


Bag 7 brings more pieces to the cockpit, as well as the addition of the smuggling compartment. It is also where we build and install both the top and bottom cannons and the landing feet.


The hero, Rey, makes her appearance in Bag 8. It is from the pieces in this bag that we build the triangular roof flaps that open and close. In total, there are 12 of these flaps. Every flap piece is unique and has its own details, so be careful when putting these together!


In the final bag, we get to put the finishing touches on the Falcon. We add the two arms at the bow (front), and the last opening hatch in between the arms. The cockpit also gets its clear cover. The highlight of this bag was installing the spring-loaded blasters, which shoot missiles by inserting your finger into the hole and pressing down. Watch your eyes around these, as they travel at light speed!

The Finished Product: We’re Flying! (But Don’t Throw it)

As Lando Calrissian said in the movie, “She’s the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy!”. The Falcon may have its faults in the movies, but this lego set is far from trash.

This build offered many favorite moments and was full of little creative techniques that made a big difference. We’re off to find our next mission and hope to share it with you shortly.

Final Thoughts & Where to Buy

Considering this Lego set is rated ages 9-14, it was quite complicated and should be rated 10-16. Although Mom didn’t need to help, because it was tricky and complex, it was nice to have a second set of eyes making sure everything was correct.

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