Licking Letters - Tenlin Studios, LLC

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Licking letters is a fun way for kids learning to spell in this game-style app with plenty of incentives to keep playing and spelling.

There are many spelling apps available, but if your child isn’t interested in more educational apps, this game styled app could do the trick. With arcade-style graphics, music and games – this app is very appealling and a lot of fun.

Between spelling words, mini games keep up the interest level and collecting coins allow kids to dress up Froggy in an array of different outfits.

It would be more intuitive if children could touch the letters anywhere on the screen rather than wait for letters to be right above Froggy. Still, after a few tries, children easily get the hang of it.

Jump into the pond and help your lovable friend, Hoppy the Frog, lick letters to spell words! Kids will have a blast with this exciting and fun spelling adventure! (Ages 2-8)

************ GAME DETAILS ************

Licking Letters is an action game with the added bonus of learning how to spell! Spell words by helping Hoppy lick letters as they float across the screen. Each correct spelling earns you Leapin’ Loot coins that you can use to buy tons of awesome clothing to dress your frog (NO IN-APP PURCHASES!). Transform your ordinary frog into the most stylish amphibian around! The more words you spell, the more clothing you can buy!

For added excitement, there are 4 mini games that offer even more opportunities to earn coins! These action-packed bonus rounds will keep your child coming back for more! Bonus rounds are awarded after every 3 words spelled.

************ BONUS ROUNDS ************

FROG POND BONUS – Touch Hoppy when he pops up, but watch out for the alligator!

ALLIGATOR ALLEY BONUS – It’s a race! Touch the coins when they appear – before the alligator eats them!

LEAPIN’ LOOT BONUS – Colored coins will fly across the screen, but only touch the gold ones!

HIDDEN COIN BONUS – Colored coins will be shown, then covered up by lily pads. Touch the lily pads that had gold coins under them!

************ FEATURES ************

• 150 Words to Spell
• Difficulty Auto-Adjusts Based on your Child’s Skill Level
• Spell 3, 4, then 5 Letter Words
• Interactive “Hoppy Help” System Guides Your Child Along the Way
• Thousands of Outfit Combinations
• 4 Exciting Mini-Games
• Option to Spell Words In or Out of Order
• NO In-App Purchases
• NO Advertising