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Join Lars the little polar bear on his adventure to a land unknown as he finds himself quite far from home. This digital book offers a wonderful story plus 3 games to keep children engaged and entertained.

Little Polar Bear is a sweet digital book with wonderful illustrations and activities that tells the tale of a little polar bear named Lars who while learning to be like his father, finds himself far from home in unfamiliar territory. His adventure introduces him to a world outside of the ice and snow he knows so well and includes new friends with varying characteristics that extends his view of the world. This delightful story will warm the hearts of parents and children alike.

Features include:

  • Whimsical illustrations
  • Entertaining animations
  • 3 games in full version
  • Text highlighting
  • Narration

The best digital books are those that include narration options, text highlighting, delightful illustrations, and a great story and Little Polar Bear certainly delivers when it comes to these features. The illustrations are very well done and the simple animation throughout keeps children engaged as they follow along with the story. Some of the animations include water moving or snow falling in certain scenes as the pictures are tapped. These animations in addition the the back ground music and sound effects that accompany the story make this app a wonderful experience.

In addition to the high quality illustrations within the story there are also 3 games that are fun and easy to use. The games have the same high quality illustrations, animations, and music as the story and have a bit of a video game feel to them that children will love. Digital books with added activities and games are not meant to be read and played over and over again, and Little Polar Bear encourages kids to do just that.

As with many digital books the educational opportunities in this app are primarily based around reading skills. The text highlighting allows children the benefit of following along with the narrator and provides an opportunity for them to learn new words and practice their own reading skills. There is also an option to turn the narration off that will allow children to practice reading on their own to themselves or to a parent.

It is always great to have an entertaining story with added animation and music, but it is an added bonus to have additional activities to play as well. In the full version of Little Polar Bear there are 3 games that allow children the fun of playing various games that fit well with the story. The first game (offered in the free version) is a game that allows children to direct Lars the polar bear to collect various fish on land and the other two allow him to collect fish while flying with an eagle and swimming with a whale. These games take parts of the story and provide an interactive environment that will entertain children beyond the story itself.

This app is one that offers a free version that includes 5 pages of the story and one of the 3 games. In order to get the full version, there are a few in app purchase options at the end of the free version that allows you to purchase the remainder of the book for $2.99, the remaining games for $1.99 or to utilize the current deal and get both for less than a dollar. The best value is to purchase the full version while it lasts and at this price it is really a wonderful deal.

The full version of this app has so much to offer in the high quality illustrations, cute story, and added games, that even at a slightly higher price for both the games and the full story, I think parents will agree this is a great deal.

Little Polar Bear is not only entertaining and a great value, but it is also easy to use. Both pre-school and school-aged children will be able to enjoy this delightful story on their own or with a parent. The narration throughout allows pre-readers to listen and interact with the story on their own while older children can practice their reading skills as they read to themselves or follow along.

Parents will also be happy to know there are no social media links or advertisements in this app, but there is of course various in app purchase options. I would recommend parents take a look at the free version first and then go ahead and purchase the free version so their children can enjoy this fun, interactive app without being concerned with any additional purchases.

Little Polar Bear
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