How Long Does A Power Wheels Battery Last?

Ride-on toys such as Power Wheels models from Fisher Price are getting more and more popular. People tend to regularly buy various models such as the Dune Racer as a gift for their children and they never fail to amaze them. Not only that these ride-on toys are mostly battery-powered, they are also fast as well with some of them being able to go 5 MPH.

Common battery-powered ride-on toys only tend to work for 30 minutes, but how long does a power wheels battery last on a model like the Dune Buggy Racer? In the next sections, we will talk about safety guides, how you should properly charge the battery and how long it lasts.

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General warning and cautions
How to charge the battery properly
But for how long will the battery last?


General warning and cautions

In order to get the best experience from a Power Wheels ride-on toy, you will need to make it as safe as possible in order to ensure that both the toy will last long and that your child won’t get your harm, or that the toy won’t get damaged. By following some basic guidance and keeping the warnings and cautions in mind, you will make a safe environment with ease.

Generally, all power wheels ride-on toys are safe and secured with the help of the materials the toys are made of and with the help of additional parts that keep the toy intact.

For an example, the body of a Dune Rider is made entirely out of solid steel which means that there is no way that you will damage the toy. But there are some things about the battery that you should keep in mind, both when charging it and when the toy car is used.

The number one thing that you should do is keep the battery in place, once you charge it and place it back in the power wheels toy car make sure that it is stable and that it won’t fall out.

If necessary, you should use a battery retainer and secure it into place, there is always a chance that it could fall out if the vehicle tips over and that it could injure your child. In order to prevent possible fires, make sure that you never modify hardware or the electrical system in any way.

Any possible alterations could either cause a fire or damage the electrical system and ruin the car. Using other types of batteries and battery chargers should be avoided as it could cause fire or explosions.

Make sure that you always use Power Wheels components instead of custom items. In order to make this easier, here is a comprehensive list of things that you should take care of:

  • Inspect the battery and charger every time you use them in order to detect damages
  • Never move the battery by holding its wires and connectors
  • Don’t allow your children near the battery and charger
  • The motor can get hot after use, handle it carefully
  • Don’t modify any hardware and always use Power Wheels products

How to charge the battery properly

The batteries used in Power Wheels products are safe enough, but no matter which product you use, if you neglect it and use improperly, you will end up damaging it. Power Wheels ride-on toys use a 12-volt 9.5 Amp lead acid battery that has a built-in thermal fuse.

With the help of a thermal fuse, the toy car will automatically shut down the vehicle if it is overloaded or if the driving conditions are too harsh. Once the car starts shutting down, move your foot from the pedal and wait about 30 seconds before driving again.

If the battery constantly shuts down the car even under normal conditions, then try contacting one of over 300 services all across the U.S. Charging the actual battery is fairly easy, when first charging it, you should keep in mind that it takes at least 18 hours, but don’t leave it on for over than 30 hours.

When you empty the battery and charge it again, the time to power it up will decrease. In order to not waste time, you should immediately start charging the battery and assemble the Power Wheels ride-on toy car while the battery charges.

Besides the assembly parts, you will get the 12-volt battery, charger connectors and the charger itself. Start by plugging the charger into a standard wall outlet and connect the cables to the battery. Make sure that you connect the charger to a wall outlet instead of a ceiling one

When charging it for the first time, do it for at least 18 hours and no more than 30. Charging it for over than 30 hours may damage the battery.

After you recharge the battery for the next few times, do it for at least 14 hours. Once the time has passed, remove the connectors from the battery socket and unplug the charger from the wall outlet. Now you can install the battery back into the toy car and use it.

But for how long will the battery last?

Knowing how long the battery lasts can be beneficial when it comes to ordering the product or when you want to know how long your child’s play time will be. Depending on the model of your Power Wheels toy car and the speed modes your child uses, the time will vary on average from 45 minutes to 90 minutes.

The total time depends on a lot of variables, from the weight of the rider and ground slope to the speed modes. Naturally, if you have the Dune Racer and you use the 2.5 MPH mode, your child will play for longer than when the 5 MPH mode is turned on.


In order to get the best out of your toy car, you will need to know how long does a Power Wheels battery last. When it comes to how long a battery lasts till it needs to be recharged, the time will vary between 45 minutes and 90 minutes depending on the model and the speed modes. But when it comes to the lifetime of a battery, it will depend on how much it is used and recharged and how it is handled.

Since many variables are in play, it is hard to give a proper estimation of the life time of a Power Wheels battery. In any case, as long as you have the original papers, during the first 6 months you will have a limited warranty on the 12-volt battery.