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  • Magic Poof
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Join Ange-Marie and her Magic Poof as they decide how to pose for school pictures. This magical tale is fun to read and highly entertaining. Perfect for children of all ages.

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Magic Poof is a cute storybook app with a magical concept that children are going to love. Ange-Marie is no ordinary girl. In fact, she’s got a magic hair poof with lots of personality that changes shape and size depending on its mood. In addition to the creative story that is a ton fun to explore, readers are going to enjoy the additional activity that is included which allows players to try on their own poof using the camera function.

Features include:

  • Read to me/Read to myself
  • Magic poof activity
  • Text highlighting


Magic Poof is a storybook app full of fun interactive images and great sound effects that help to bring the story to life and keep kids engaged as they read. The developers have also done a nice job of making this app easy to use for children of all ages with a brief instruction page that highlights all of the features throughout the app including, text highlighting, interactive images, and buttons to help readers move through the story with ease. Children are going to love the interactive surprises hidden throughout the story as they enjoy this creative story. Overall, this app is very well done.


It’s always nice to find storybook apps with both the narration options and text highlighting for children to follow along with. It helps pre-readers get exposed to new words and begin to learn to read while early readers can practice their skills and add to their vocabulary as they follow along. Parents will also be happy to see that along with text highlighting, children can tap each word to hear it aloud which allows readers to add even more words to their growing vocabulary.


There is no doubt children are going to love this app. The story takes readers on a magical adventure into their imaginations as they see the Magic Poof come to life right on Ange-Marie’s head. This imaginative story is sure to inspire little ones to tap into their own creativity and explore their imaginations as they read. The developers have also included an additional activity that allows players to shape their own Poof by using the camera function on their device which also helps to keep kids engaged.


What’s even better than having a fun and creative app like Magic Poof, is that it’s also completely free. With the narration options, text highlighting, and additional activity to enjoy, this app is such a great value. It’s a win/win for parents and kids!

Child Friendliness

Easy to use and fun to read, Magic Poof is great for children of all ages. The text highlighting and narration options allow young children to follow along and enjoy all this app has to offer. Parents will also be happy to know that the parent gateways and the in-app purchase included are both protected so kids won’t be getting into any areas they aren’t supposed to.

  • Protected parent area (can contain external links & social media)
  • NO external links
  • NO social media
  • NO 3rd party ads
  • YES “in-app purchase” (protected, but visible)

Join Ange-Marie and her Magic Poof as they decide how to pose for school pictures. This magical tale is fun to read and highly entertaining. Perfect for children of all ages.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars