How to make your children become a self- confident person

All parents around the world want their children to be a self-confident person. Some of them were succeed in making children be self-confident. But some parents aren’t succeed in it although they really want it. The reason is they haven’t known how to encourage their kids. Fortunately, there are some tips for those parents to help their children.


First, parents have to understand about self- confident.

Self confident is believe in themselves, and understand thoroughly about themselves. Believe on themselves blindly doesn’t mean self-confident.

After understanding about self-confident, parents should do these things below:

One thing parents should do is help children recognize their talent.

Children should be let to think and list their strengthen. Then, adults can help their children classify these strengths. These questions can help you. For example, “which make people around your kids like them ?” Another question is : “what did your children do to help you ?” And, there is one questions should be answered. It is: “ What did your children do for themselves ?”


Encourage children practice some hobbies.

Every children have their own talent. Thus, responsibility of parents is recognize and make chances  to help children develop their own talent. Parents shouldn’t force children become experts. Instead, adults can encourage children do something their sons or daughters like. For example, your kids like watching cartoon. You can let them tell you about things they feel excited about cartoons. Besides, adults can let children compete with the other children around them. When your children win, give them some gift. This action will encourage them very much. And when children fail, you should encourage them by slightly remind. Don’t make your children be under pressure.

Teach your children independent.

Almost parent loves children too much. They decide all for their kids. It shouldn’t be done. Then,  their kids can’t decide anything by themselves. After that, children will be passive and lack of creativity. Thinking and solving problem skill are very important with changing society. Lack of these skills, children can’t adapt with external environment. So, parents should respect their kids’ decision. Besides, adults should teach children how to interact with people around them to achieve their goals.

Let your children explore the world around them by themselves.

Almost adults want to protect their kids as instinct. But sometimes let your kids  enjoy freedom is very good. It will bring many wonderful experiences for your children. Exploring the world by themselves can help children in many aspects. They can explore themselves. Besides, children also can study many new skills and feel proud when achieving good results.  In addition, adults should follow their children. Parents should ensure that children will be safe when exploring the world. Furthermore, adults can encourage children from far distance and give instruction when it is necessary.

Teach your children be optimistic in every circumstances.

If your children usually feel disappointed about their life, adults should make children understand more optimistically about it. Parents should help children think about solution for a situation. For example, your son or daughter is not as good as the other children in their classes. In this case, adults should explain that each person have another reading speed. Parents also should spend more time reading with children.

Encourage children by giving them little loving behaviours.

Loving behaviours are very important with children. It will bring children motivation to develop themselves. When your kids do something good, you should give them loving act. For example, your children help an elderly pass the road. In this case, you should give them compliments. After receiving compliments from parents, children will do it more. In another circumstance, children get good mark at schools. When it happens, parents should give their kids do something they like. It can be going camping or go somewhere children like. Parents also give children eat some food they like to encourage them. But there is another notice for adults. Loving behaviours just develop their advantage when they are used at right time and places. So, don’t abuse them.

In conclusion, children just develop completely when they are educated well. Education from parents is the most important thing decide how children will be in the future. Self –confident is very important in this environment. I hope that these tips above can help adults teach children more self-confident.