How To Make A Lego Train: Learn It Here in Easy Steps

Easy to Follow Steps To Help Your Kids Make A Lego Train

So many people find trains fascinating. These giant boxes on wheels roaring down metal tracks, what’s not to like? And what could be better than seeing trains in action? That’s right, making them.

Many of us, however, will likely never get the chance to make real trains; thankfully there is an alternative, Lego trains. You might ask yourself, or Google, “How to make a Lego train? “ Well, that’s where we come in, this little guide will give you step by step instructions and general guidance on building your very own Lego train.

Types of trains

Before actually making a Lego train, it helps if you know what kind of train you want to build. Will it be an ordinary train that you will manually push or will you opt for a motorized one? Maybe remote control is your thing?

Any of these variations can be used; it all depends on what you want. A stationary scene or a moving train you can watch as it moves along your track, your choice. It is generally a good idea to do a bit of research on Lego’s train models and products involving trains before making any purchases.

Over the years Lego made a lot of models with a lot of variety. An excellent example of a great train set is the Lego Emerald Night Train, a beautiful and elegant set that established itself as a classic in the Lego train circles. In this guide, however, we will focus on manual trains.

The background

A simple train choo-chooing down the rails or a western train heist, whatever you plan on making, having a background will make it better. Lego made items specific to scenes involving trains such as signal houses, stations, fuel depots and others.

Just like with the types of trains there is a lot of variety so again, research is recommended. Find what suits you and go crazy. Make a forest out of trees, or have your train go straight through a populated city, just like with everything involving Lego blocks, the only limitation is your imagination.

The track

No train would get far without having a track to travel on. Lego trains, however, can be made to travel without tracks but most people will choose to have tracks because of authenticity and to be honest, it’s no fun without them

Just like with any other Lego piece you can either purchase them as a part of a set or buy them one by one and assemble them as you wish. Parts for making tracks include the regular rails, curved rails, turners, x-cross rails and others.

They can easily be connected and disconnected meaning you can change the tracks as much as you like without issues. The best part is that you can buy as many pieces as you want, meaning you can have a small track in your bedroom or make it a kilometer long outside.

Train parts


After you’ve decided on which type of train you are going to build, the next thing you need is to gather the parts. You have several choices here, you can buy complete sets and just assemble the train, buy the Lego pieces separately and build it however you wish or you can combine sets and random pieces.

Should you choose to buy the parts one by one you will need a base for the train which can be as simple as one rectangular block. Just like any train, Lego or real, you need wheels along with pieces that can attach the wheels to the base.

Everything else is up to you and depends on the type of train you choose to make. For the manual train, we will be focusing on we will need one rectangular block, 4 wheels with parts used to attach them to our base, the blocks used to connect wagons to one another and random

Lego parts all smaller than our base which will be used to give our train shape and color. You can additionally purchase motors produced by Lego to have your train run on its own. We will also get some trees and foliage along with basic tracks to make our scene seem livelier.

Setting up the tracks and the background

Before we actually build the train it would be wise to set up the tracks it’s going to use and we don’t want our train to get bored so we should set up a background as well.

​All we’re going to do is connect the tracks in a small circular pattern and decorate it with the background pieces we have. Here is where you can really let your imagination go wild and make something amazing.

​Assembling the train

The type has been decided, the parts have been gathered and the stage has been set, now it’s time for the real fun. Putting it all together and making the Lego train of your dreams. The basic pattern for making a train is quite simple.

​Attach the wheels and the wagon connector to the base, after that you just need to put all the other parts on the base in any way you wish. With the connectors in place, you can add as many wagons as you want with ease. With custom made trains the sky is the limit.

​From an industrial train carrying coal to a supernatural train with arms and weapons, hell you can even make a rainbow train, anything goes with Lego’s. Once all that is done it’s finally time to play with it, or just leave it like that, whatever your shtick is.

​Lego trains: Start the Journey Now

Now that you know how to make a Lego train, tracks and background you can let your imagination flow and create wondrous scenes and places for your train to visit. You can recreate the old railway station where you used to watch trains as a kid.

You can also have your sci/fi space train go to distant galaxies on space tracks like you always imagined. The great thing with Lego is the sheer scope of possibilities it provides with an enormous amount of blocks that you can arrange in any way you see fit.