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Math (Grade K) is an iPad only math app. Its design is basic, clean and easy to use. There are three sections available; addition, subtraction and comparison. Addition is part of the free download; subtraction and comparison are available through separate in-app purchases.

As I reviewed this app I found I had many unanswered questions, questions that would typically be answered by looking at the iTunes description or in the in-app help. However, in this case neither was possible. Rohit, from the developer’s Kindergarten Math Team, was great about replying to my questions. The California State Standards are the standards being used as a guide in the development of the app content, and, according to Rohit, at the higher section levels, they are exceeding the standards.

Each quiz is a timed set of 10 math problems. Again, according to the developer, they tell me there are 10 levels in the addition and subtraction sections and six in the comparison section. The user needs to answer a certain number of questions before progressing to the next level; meaning they may need to pass three quizzes with 90% or higher.

One feature I really liked in this app is the ability to see the quiz results at the end of each quiz and to go back and review the detailed results of previous quizzes. Not only can you see the number of correct or incorrect answers, but you can see which questions were asked, how they were answered and, if incorrect, what the correct answer should have been. Unfortunately, the app is designed for a single user and there is not an option to clear the results. Rohit, from the development team, tells me that these two features are in the plans for future upgrades.

Suggestions for improvement:

  • Provide more details in the iTunes description or an in-app Help section; app information is too vague, such as the number of levels per section; which state’s standards were used in the design of the app; passing criteria, as it is now, a child could become frustrated not passing the level after answering all questions in a quiz correctly.
  • Make this a multi-user app; currently can only use for one child.
  • Add the ability to clear quiz results at some point.

Bottom-line: Good start to a quality math app; needs more work before it can be considered a five-star math app.

Improve your child’s math skills with our Math App for Kindergarten. Based on State Board Mathematics Standards. We increase the level of difficulty as students master easier problems. See detailed results of every quiz

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