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The perfect app for addition/subtraction practice that is affordable, fun, and easy to use!

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Available on the App Store

Math Shaker is a great educational app for children needing a little practice with their addition and subtraction skills. With three convenient difficulty levels, language options, and trophies as rewards, this app is great for getting kids involved and excited about math.

Features include:

  • 4 Language options
  • Addition/Subtraction problems
  • 3 Difficulty levels

MathShaker takes a topic that may be difficult and boring to some kids and turns it into a fun and interactive game. The user interface is simple to use and upon beginning a new game children are guided to shake the device and watch as puzzle pieces are mixed up. A math problem appears and provides a set of 6 multiple choice options to choose from. After selecting the correct answer a puzzle piece is revealed and a new problem is shown. After all questions are answered, a picture appears revealing a trophy for completing the puzzle.

The quality of this app is very good as it is full of bright colors, clear pictures and audio. It is not only easy to use, but also provides great practice for children as they work on their math skills in a fun environment.

MathShaker is the perfect app for children who are looking for some fun practice on their addition and subtraction skills and is one that can be used without much parental supervision. The 3 difficulty levels allow for an added challenge by increasing from one digit problems up to three.

Each math problem has 6 answers to choose from and when children answer the problem correctly they get an affirmative response, a star appears, and one piece of the puzzle is revealed. If they end up with an answer that is incorrect an “X” appears and they are given a new problem. The set up of the app is great because in the event that children get a few wrong answers they are not blocked out of the game at all, they are just given new problems in order to try again.

Another learning opportunity comes with the language options. Children can use this app in the English, Polish, Russian, and Spanish modes that allows children learning one of these languages practice as well.

MathShaker proves that math can be fun as well as educational. Each time players successfully answer a math problem, a star appears a long with an affirmative phrase such as “Well Done”. In addition to that one puzzle piece is revealed and once all of the problems are answered correctly the picture is revealed and children receive a trophy for completing the puzzle successfully.

There are various “trophies” in the form of simple stickers that are awarded for the completion of each level which is great for teachers wanting to use a math app in the classroom. However if you are looking for a more game-like math app, this is not the best choice.

Not only is MathShaker a great educational app and easy to use, but it is also very affordable. When you consider what you might spend on a math workbook for added math practice, the price of this app is great. For just under a dollar you get addition/subtraction math practice in a fun and easy to use environment. I am sure parents will agree spending a little bit of money to help little ones grow more confident in their math skills is well worth it.

MathShaker is completely safe to use. There are no in app purchase links, social media links or any advertisements to distract little ones. The interface is also extremely easy to use. Children can easily transition from one problem to the next and even change difficulty levels fairly easily from the main screen.

Available on the App Store