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Max & Ruby Science Educational Games is a wonderful app that teaches children simple science concepts in an easy to use game environment.

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Max & Ruby Science Educational Games is a great app for children to learn about the properties of water, ice, gas, and movement through a variety of fun activities that increase in difficulty. With two science-based games (5 free levels each in the free version) children will be able to experiment as they learn basic science concepts as well as enjoy a simple free-play activity where they can use their creativity. For children who love the adorable Max & Ruby characters, this app is wonderful.

Features include:

  • Progress tracking
  • 2 Science activities
  • 1 Free play activity
  • 40 Levels in full version


Max & Ruby Science Educational Games is a great app that is easy to use and is very intuitive for young learners. With a brief instruction animation before each game, children will quickly see how to accomplish each task prior to getting their own hands on experience with each science concept. The developers have also done a great job keeping the app simple with easy to understand concepts that Ruby shares with Max within each level. They have also included simple animation for some of the images in the free-play “Make Believe” section of the app.


The main idea with this app is to teach children simple science concepts in a hands on experiential way. The Water Blast activity teaches children about the properties of water and how it turns to ice and to gas in a fun game. The object is to fit the correct missing pieces in the water ramp and to make the water move down the ramp into the appropriate ending point. Some of the levels cause the water to turn to ice in an ice rink while others cause it to move through fire to create gas that fills up deflated balloons. This concept teaches children not only how water can change properties, but also provides practice using their problem solving skills to replace the correct places on the ramp.

The Ball-O-Rama game teaches children about movement by allowing them to aim and move a ball to a provided hole. Each new level is a bit more difficult and can result in more than one ball and a wall that could get in the way. This hands-on learning game allows children to use their problem solving skills to figure out how to move the ball into the appropriate hole even with a barrier in the way. While the concept may be a bit advanced for young users, the levels prior provide great practice.

It is amazing what children can learn in an app like this with fun games and simple science concepts. This is definitely one not to be missed.


The developers have also made sure not to forget a bit of fun in addition to the educational concepts. The “Make Believe” area allows children to create fun scenes with various pictures, accessories, and characters that they can use to tell a story or simply save on their device. Players also earn new accessories that can be used in this area as they complete various levels in the science activities which gives them something to work toward.


Max & Ruby Science Educational Games offers 5 levels for each science game to try for free before purchasing the full version for just under three dollars. Once parents see the wonderful hands-on learning that is available in the free version, I am sure they will find this to be a great deal. Fun science concepts with 40 levels, rewards, and a free play activity for that price is an absolute steal.

Child Friendliness

The developers have done a great job making sure this app is intuitive and easy to use while still implementing a bit of instruction before they get started. This helps younger children get the hang of how to move through each activity before they get too far into the levels. The simple science concepts are also easy to understand and the tips Ruby provides throughout the app help as well.

One thing parents will want to be aware of is not only the in app purchase, but also the advertisement area for other apps by the developers on the main page. While the buttons are protected, children still have access to view the other apps that are available. There is also an area on the main page that allows parents to register in order to track their child’s progress and rewards in the app and this area is also protected.

Max & Ruby Science Educational Games is a wonderful app that teaches children simple science concepts in an easy to use game environment.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars