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Math 7 is a fun app that grows on you. The goal is to get the monkey down the ladder by doing math problems.  There is a choice of ten different types of algebraic equations and different levels as you pass each one. Starting out easy, the app gradually gets more difficult as you progress through the levels. It can also be reset back to the first level again.

The design is very simple with a nature scene and a monkey that moves down a ladder as questions are answered. A second hand at the top of the screen keeps track of seconds.  As you slide the monkey down the ladder an equation will appear in a big black square with four possible answers.  Touch the correct answer.


I like the clear background pictures.
Even though the point is to do math problems, my daughter believes sliding the monkey down the ladder is a nice detraction.
A banana appears on the screen and goes to the top of the screen if the answer is correct.  If the answer is wrong, the image of a banana appears and disappears.
After completing a level, the next higher level equation will only be a little harder, maybe an extra function, like adding three digits instead of two.  It’s a very small change.
Scores can be emailed or checked by clicking on send scores. It will list the date, seconds, level, equation, correct, and wrong answer.
Are there monkeys in Utah?  I didn’t quite understand how the monkeys and background pictures blended together, but the monkey & ladder has grown on me.
An additional page with achievements like speed, completing a level or quizzes is included.
You can see how you did compared to friends and others using the game center leader board (you will need to download the game channel app for this).


While you compute the equation, the monkey and background picture sometimes shift which can be distracting.
Regardless if the answer is correct or not, the monkey will go down a rung on the ladder, althoughthis can be good too, because it keeps the game going.

The app was tested this with three 6th graders:  They all liked the monkey and liked sliding down the ladder. Their end results were all different.  1st was happy all her answers were correct and her time was not as important to her.  2nd did not like his time and the number of correct answers he got.  3rd guessed all the answers, speed down the ladder, and his goal was speed not correct answers.

Depending on the goal of the player, this is great practice.  With more practice, all three 6th graders would improve their speed and accuracy.


Math 7 adds a little fun to doing algebraic equations, however students are also rewarded for both correct and incorrect answers.
There are many math apps for young kids and some advanced ones for high school and college subjects but this is one of the few apps aimed at middle school students.

Here’s a fun way to practice your middle school math skills.

Guide the monkey down the ladders to the end of a level. Answer questions correctly to keep going.

Math topics included are:

  • Negative Numbers
  • Absolute Value
  • Order of Operations

Our is to make it more fun and engaging to practice the problems than using flashcards or paper worksheets. Another goal is to help the students improve their speed and make answering more automatic instead of slowly working through a question a step at a time. One unique feature is a Send Scores Email to Teacher as a way to electronically turn in their homework. And we have a way for teachers to compile those emails into a summary report for the class.

There’s a free version with four quiz topics and a .99 cent version with six additional topics.