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Miss Spider’s Tea Party comes to life in this beautifully designed app of David Kirk’s children’s book. Not only are the images sharp, detailed, and colorful, but the app also provides a variety of reading options.

Readers can have the story read aloud or they can read independently. The audio narration and background music are separate buttons, so readers can keep both features turned on or mute one or both. Readers are able to tap on certain images (designated by sparkles when the page turns) to bring characters to life. For example, tap the fireflies near Miss Spider’s web to hear comments such as “I’m afraid” or “Let’s go!” Readers can also watch an animated version of the story. As the story is brought to life, the spoken words are highlighted at the bottom of the screen, allowing readers to follow along.

The special features of the app include a matching game, puzzles, and painting. In the matching game, players select either a 16 or 30 card memory game. Each card has its own unique sound effect allowing children to work on auditory memory as well as visual memory. The puzzle section includes 6 different images from the story that can be broken into 6 or 12 piece puzzles. When the puzzle is successfully completed, it briefly comes together as a solid image and animates before reverting back to jigsaw pieces to be put together again.

Painting pictures is the final special feature of this app. Featuring a variety of scenes from the story, the paint tab lets kids decide how they want to paint their image, from 5 different paint brush sizes and 16 different colors. Kids can clear the painting if they wish to start over, and they can also save completed paintings to the photo library.

The main screen includes a separate information button for parents. Parents can choose to follow or like app developer Callaway Digital Arts on Twitter or Facebook. They can also purchase (network connection required) additional apps from Callaway.

I will be the first to admit that I am very skeptical of electronic children’s books. With an English education background and being an avid reader, I strongly advocate putting physical books in the hands of children. I believe kids need to experience the process of reading – holding books, turning pages, and being read to by another person. That being said, I was more than pleasantly surprised with Miss Spider’s Tea Party in iPad format and plan to include more interactive storybooks in my children’s reading routines.

Bottom Line

Colorful and sharp images combined with a variety of reading options and special features make Miss Spider’s Tea Party an app to include in any digital book collection. Watch, read, listen, and play as this beloved, classic picture book magically comes to life. With multi-touch animation, painting, puzzles, and games, Miss Spider’s Tea Party for iPad reinvents the reading experience for the whole family.

-Watch story in lush 3-D CGI animation
-Touch images for multimedia surprises
-Read or follow along with spoken narration
-Play games, solve puzzles, and paint pictures
-Listen to original music and sound effects

Miss Spider is hosting a tea party—but nobuggy will come! What’s an eight-legged lady to do? Find out in this heartwarming tale of a kindly spider’s search for friends. Told in rhyming verse, this enchanting story can also be read as a counting book.