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Monty’s Backyard Adventure App Review

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Price: $2.99


Monty’s Backyard Adventure is an early learning app designed for the very young. It focuses on number concepts, colors, shapes, and more. Young users can play with Monty the Dog in his backyard and enjoy games of hide-and-seek, cloud watching, and other typical outdoor fun.

Features include:

  • Seven educational games
  • Seamless play as activities flow one to the next
  • Immersive game play
  • Support for multiple players
  • Safe and child-friendly

Monty’s Backyard Adventure – 1 Minute Trailer from Tamara Odinec on Vimeo.


Monty’s Backyard Adventure is a high quality app that will appeal to its target audience (ages 2 and up). The app is engaging, colorful, and fun. The educational skills addressed are age-appropriate, too. Game play is intuitive, with no need for reading or even much instruction. There are just a few small inconveniences that developers might want to look into to make it more perfect. On at least some games, the instructional and reward sound tracks can overlap and play at the same time, which makes it difficult to focus on one or the other. There also should be a way to return from game play to the home screen, which at present takes turning the app completely off.


This app is highly educational and well-designed from an educational standpoint. It includes 7 minigames that are presented one after another in a seamless and seemingly random fashion. Children can spend time watching clouds in the sky (and picking out numbers that are greater or less than a target number), choosing shaped toys to toss for a game of fetch with Monty, playing hide and seek, matching colors, and more. Each activity is dressed up as a play activity with the dog, so young children will be excited to join in.


Monty’s Backyard Adventure is a fun app for little ones. The app is colorful and engaging. The narration, instructions, and so forth sound like they are voiced by a child. The animations are smooth and the activities enticing. There are small details with each activity that kids can enjoy, as well. For example, the fetch activity requires children to choose the designated shaped toy to toss for Monty. If the toy is tossed at the target on the screen, something fun happens. Toss the toy in the water bowl, and water splashes out. Toss it at the pinwheel, and the pinwheel turns.  Details such as these add to the play and exploration value of the app.


This app costs $2.99 on the App Store, which is a great value. Most children are likely to really enjoy it. They will have fun while they learn. The app’s safety cannot be beaten, so parents can feel confident in allowing their youngster to play with minimal supervision.

Child Friendliness

Monty’s Backyard Adventure is very child-friendly. There  are no unprotected links, advertisements, or in-app purchases. There is a protected parents’ area, but the parent gate is effective.

  • NO external links
  • NO social media
  • NO 3rd party ads
  • NO in-app purchase
Monty’s Backyard Adventure
Monty's Backyard Adventure
Monty’s Backyard Adventure is an entertaining and colorful set of activities designed to help young children with early learning tasks such as matching, memory, numbers, and more. Players will enjoy interacting with the canine main character and will get lots of play value from this app.
Child Friendly