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  • Motion Math: Pizza!
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Motion Math: Pizza! provides challenging math 'problems' in a real world setting and plays more like a game than an educational app. Fun, challenging, and great for the whole family!

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Motion Math: Pizza! is an awesome math app for kids that is not only highly interactive, but challenging too. The math problems and activities are blended into the app making it more of a game than an educational app which makes it fun for children to play. With the ability to set up multiple profiles, this would be a great app for the classroom or for families with multiple school aged children at home.

Features include:

  • Multi-user
  • Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division
  • Money concept


Motion Math: Pizza! is a high quality educational app that is full of fun interactive features that children are going to love. The app is set up in a pizzeria that players must run. They have to do everything from creating their menu options, purchasing correct ingredients, and selling their pizzas at reasonable prices. The developers have done a magnificent job making each area of the app easy to use and understand. The graphics are top notch and are similar to what you might see in a video game environment where players have to purchase supplies and then ‘beat the clock’ as they serve customers accordingly. Add to that the math that is required to run a business effectively and you have an awesome app.

While the audio includes simple sound effects and some background music, narration is not included. Instead, there are areas where children will need to read what is on the screen (from customers or prompts in the app) so this app is best suited for school aged children.


What I love most about this app is the fact that the math “problems” are introduced in very real world ways. For instance, instead of giving players various math equations to solve, this app provides players with a specific amount of money that they need to use to purchase the ingredients for their pizzas. This means they must decide which vendor to purchase the items from to get the best deal and must also calculate how much they can purchase based on the money they have. Other ‘problems’ come in as they set their menu items and select the price for each pizza. Once the menu items are selected, they must serve their customers.

Each customer comes in with their order and players must charge the appropriate amount and deliver the pizza in a set amount of time. Failure to do so results in no sales and as a result less income. Players must also make sure the prices they set for each pizza are reasonable or else customers begin to complain.

Motion Math: Pizza! takes math to a real world level so players can get a feel for situations where they will need to use their math skills. Everything from purchasing, pricing, and selling comes into play and reminds children that math is indeed important to learn because we use it everyday.


Not only is this app educational, but it is a lot of fun too! As children run their pizzeria and make more money, they have the opportunity to upgrade their sales methods with new signs and decorations. As they reach new levels, they can also unlock new ingredients that allow them to create new pizza offerings and increase their profits. The various levels and upgrades make this app seem much more like a game than a learning app and will certainly keep children engaged and entertained as they try to beat their previous profit goals every time they play. Overall, this is a fun family app for everyone, parents included.


Priced at just under four dollars it is definitely on the higher end of the price spectrum as far as apps go, however it is totally worth the price. For children who might struggle a bit with math or simply find math ‘problems’ boring, this app is a great way to create a bit of excitement and fun. Teachers might want to use it as a reward in the classroom or as an additional learning tool to break up the monotony of classroom work and with the ability to set up multiple profiles, the price is really minimal.

Child Friendliness

Fun, intuitive, and completely safe, Motion Math: Pizza! is great for children of all ages to play. Of course since it is a math app, children who are able to add, subtract, multiply, and divide are likely to be the primary players of the app and will definitely get the most out of it. The developers have set this app up in a way that makes it very intuitive to use. Children can tap through and explore the many functions while getting hints and prompts throughout.

Parents can rest assured knowing there are no in app purchase links or social media links to be concerned with. The main page does offer a small advertisement for other apps by the developer however the external links are protected. Overall, this app is great for kids.

Motion Math: Pizza! provides challenging math 'problems' in a real world setting and plays more like a game than an educational app. Fun, challenging, and great for the whole family!

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Rated 5 stars