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My Town: Beach Picnic App Review

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My Town: Beach Picnic is a great app for preschoolers.  With My Town: Beach Picnic, children can enjoy an exploratory adventure at the beach!  The app functions as a fully interactive scene that unfolds at the beach.

I love how the app features lots of different types of interactions for curious little minds.  Kids can touch and interact with almost any object on the screen.  There are lots of fun activities, such as: filling the buckets and creating amazing sand castles, choosing clothing to wear from swim suits to summer clothing, going surfing, catching fish, and more!  I like how the app features mainly creative play and encourages kids to explore the app at their own pace.

There are a few different areas to explore within the app: the picnic area – where you can eat and drink, the store area – where you can buy things for your day at the beach, the water front – where you can go fishing, and the sea – where you can go surfing, try the submarine, or even dive/snorkel.

I enjoyed the My Town: Beach Picnic app.  I would definitely recommend this app to parents of preschoolers, and those who wish to encourage interactive/creative play.  I will definitely be playing this app with my son!

My Town: Beach Picnic Review
My Town: Beach Picnic
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