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Simple math games has kids work backwards to solve multiplication problems and beat their high scores as they race against the clock.

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Kids get the chance to build their multiplication skills while racing against the clock with Number Hero: Multiplication. This app allows kids to practice multiplication problems at two different levels: products from 1-20 and products from 1-81. Once they’ve chosen a level, they’re given less than two minutes to solve as many multiplication problems as possible by sliding their fingers across the number grid. While simple in concept, the game proves to be challenging and fairly addicting, too.

Features include:

  • Two levels of play
  • Timed play
  • Tracks high scores
  • Encouraging sound effects


The app has a simple design to accompany the simple concept of the game. Each of the two modes are labeled 1-20 and 1-81 on the main screen. However, kids might not understand those labels until they click on the question mark which gives a brief overview of the game. Once they’ve chosen a level, kids get clear instructions on how to play and are shown a grid of numbers with a product at the top. They’ll find that they can smoothly swipe the numbers to obtain the correct answer and move quickly through the game to improve their high score.


Kids focus on solving basic multiplication problems by starting with the product and come up with the factors that are multiplied to create that product. At the lower level, kids will find themselves solving the same problem over and over, but the numbers on the grid change as they solve problems, encouraging kids to use different factors to create the products. For example, kids may swipe across 4 and 2 to make 8, but the grid will change enough as the game progresses to require kids to also use 8 and 1 to make 8. Kids will find that at both levels of play, they’re working with similar products, with a few higher products thrown in at the more advanced level to challenge them.


As kids find factors, they’re encouraged to get through as many problems as possible before time runs out. At the lowest level, kids get 1 minute 45 seconds to solve problems, but they only get 1 minute 15 seconds at the highest level of play. The app also encourages them to beat their high scores, motivating them to continue playing.


Despite the game’s simplicity, it offers a quality and entertaining way for kids to practice their multiplication skills. Having them backward by starting with the product also introduces a different kind of challenge.

Child Friendliness

Kids will find the app easy to navigate, but parents may wish for a more complex parental block. Those who can complete the level of multiplication problems the game covers can also read when the screen asks them to swipe with two fingers to access more games from the developer. Once on the screen, tapping on a game or social media link leads right to it, so developers should consider adding additional parental blocks within the “More Games” section to encourage kids to stop and think before heading outside of the app.

Simple math games has kids work backwards to solve multiplication problems and beat their high scores as they race against the clock.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars