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NxtApp 4 Kids is a solidly good math app for practicing mental math, logic and sequencing. Sequencing is an important, yet sometime overlooked, aspect of math apps. Targeted to the 5 – 9 age range this app starts from simple +1’s to more complicated sequencing going into negative numbers. It’s good mental exercise even for adults.

What I like about this app, but which others might not, is that it covers a very narrow aspect of elementary math. For children who find logic and sequencing challenging, having an app that focusses specifically on that area works well.

What I don’t like about this app is that the graphics could be much more polished, some parts of the app seem quite sloppy considering it’s supposed to be designed to look good on both the iPhone and the iPad. This might seem like a small complaint, but when there are so many apps out there, I think that every aspect of an app needs to be perfect.

Bottom-line: Good app for practicing math sequencing, but the design could be better.

From the makers of the acclaimed NxtApp – iPhone/iPad Brain Gym – comes NxtApp 4 Kids. NxtApp is featured in The Washington Post as “the perfect app for mental math.”

NxtApp 4 Kids is the perfect app for keeping kids’ mental math sharp while having fun. The farm-themed environment adds a lot to the fun element of the game. NxtApp 4 Kids is now a universal app that run natively on iPhone and iPad.