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Matching is the name of the game in the Odd 1 Out iPad app. This colorful game combines decision making skills, learning colors, shapes and more in an app appropriate for users ages 4 to 6.

Designed for independent game play, your little learner will choose from two game modes: practice and challenge.

I definitely suggest getting started in practice mode. Here Kids can learn the game by following clear written and verbal instructions without the pressure of a time limit.

Each mode has three game options: fruits, shapes and colors. Gameplay starts out simple, and your little one will be asked to identify the objects from the instructions five times in each round to win.

The Good

The Odd 1 Out iPad app has brilliant graphics. The colors are bright, the animation is smooth, and you can tell some serious time went in to it. Your kids will be enchanted. Parents will too. The app only costs $.99.

I also like the three game themes. Through positive reinforcement young players can learn colors, shapes and new words in a rewarding atmosphere. It’s always nice to get a big round of applause for making smart decisions.

The app’s touch interface is simple and easy to use. Gameplay teaches important concepts such as following directions and the consequences of incorrect actions. As the game progresses levels increase in complexity, creating a natural progression of decision making skills.

The Bad

Despite its vibrant graphics and solid concept, it feels like the Odd 1 Out iPad app is missing something. Each theme only teaches users three items. For example, the fruits theme teaches them to identify apples, strawberries and mangos. And that’s it, despite the fact that there are bananas and grapes in the app too.

The app definitely needs to be expanded to include more info. A small range of content makes Odd 1 Out an app with very limited range. It is appropriate for children in kindergarten. Older children will quickly get bored with the app.

There is also a prominent link on the app’s main page that heads out of the app directly to an app store interface. That is completely inappropriate for an app targeting such young children.

Bottom Line: Odd 1 Out is a low price game with amazing graphics, but has a limited scope of appeal.
Odd 1 Out is Punflay’s latest educational iPad app for children. If you are looking for an app that will develop your kindergartener’s critical thinking, problem solving, and decision making skills, Odd 1 Out is a great one.

As you launch the app, you can choose to play either in the Practice or Challenge mode. Kids will find the Practice mode helpful before moving on to more challenging activities.

Choose to play with Fruits, Shapes, or Colors. Depending on this selection, the game displays a group of fruits, shapes, or colors. The child has to choose the correct object depending on the question.

Odd 1 Out is an excellent way to introduce your child to decision making skills. The activities are interesting and will keep your youngster busy for hours. The app helps sharpen critical thinking and decision making skills by:

•Increasing the speed of decision-making
•Changing what the decision is about (colors/fruits/shapes)
•Changing the complexity of the decision