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This is the second in the series of books from Fiona Treweeke. Like Hide, Run, Growl this app is a real gem – a simple, classic story. This time the story follows a crocodile in search of some help cleaning his teeth, of course no one wants to help a crocodile!

The narration is lovely, done by Sarah Jane Honeywell from from CBeebies, the background music is great too. All in all there is enough going on in this ebook make is a fun storytelling experience without being distracting.

Features include:

  • Read To Me
  • Word Highlighting
  • Read To Myself
  • Puzzles
  • Matching Games

Bottom line
Open Wide Snap is a great story and another great addition to any ebook library for toddlers to kindergarteners.

Open Wide Snap is the second title to be released by Kid-estorybooks, by Fiona Treweeke. Narrated by the well-loved voice of Sarah Jane Honeywell presenter and actress from CBeebies.

“I know you’re game and it’s all a trick, you’ll open up wide and snap me up quick”

This crocodile needs to clean his teeth before they all go bad. But he just can’t reach all the ones at the back. The crocodile decides to find a helper. He meets many animals on his journey, but none of them are keen to help a reptile of his reputation – except for one…

Designed to suit children aged 2-7, Open Wide Snap is beautifully illustrated, simply animated and functionally educational. Kids can choose to read the story themselves or have it read to them with words highlighting as the audio is played. The app also features some fun interactive puzzles. The story uses effective repetition and rhyme to deliver subtle messages about trust, friendship and other positive social behaviours.

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