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Review Summary:

PaddleDuck Color and Story is an easy to use app with a cute story that allows children to practice and learn their colors. Great for toddlers and pre-school age children.


PaddleDuck Color and Story is a cute storybook app about how a little duck get’s his nickname PaddleDuck during his adventure on the river. Children will enjoy this sweet story while coloring the illustrations as they practice their colors. This app is perfect for toddlers or pre-school aged children as it is simple to use and entertaining.

Features include:

  • Cute story
  • Easy to use interface
  • Coloring activity


In order to keep the attention of young children a good app must have high quality illustrations and interactivity and PaddleDuck Color and Story fits the bill. Not only are there a wide variety of bright colors for children to use in the illustrations, but the graphics are good as well.

One item I was surprised to see missing was a narration option. Most digital book apps have narration options that allow pre-readers to enjoy the story without the assistance of a parent. This app doesn’t have that, though one reason for that might be the interactive component with the colors. As children color the illustrations, the color is read out loud to assist with the learning process.

All things considered, this app is still of good quality for younger children to enjoy with a parent or older sibling.


PaddleDuck Color and Story is an app that encourages interaction between parent and child as children learn their colors through coloring the illustrations. As they select colors for the pictures, a narrator calls out the color being used and the color automatically fills into the appropriate place on the page. The colors being read out loud provide children with an opportunity to learn new colors and practice colors they already know.

There is also a parent section of the app that provides parents with insight on how to make this app more educational through interaction between parent and child. As parents read the story to their child they may decide to work on animal recognition and color coordination as children guess what colors certain objects will be.


The entertainment value of the app is great when parents interact with their children by reading the story aloud. Little ones can color the illustrations on their own, but it is far more entertaining in combination with the story that is included.


It is always nice to get an educational and child friendly app for a great price and when it is free that is an added bonus. PaddleDuck Color and Story is a great app that encourages parents to play and interact with their children as they color and enjoy a very cute story and getting all of that for free is a great deal.

Child Friendliness

This app is not only easy to use, but is very safe for children as well. The main page of the app does not have any in app purchase links, advertisements, or social media links, however there is a section dedicated to parents with some of these links. One great thing about this section is that in order to access it, you have to tap and hold the access button in order for it to open. This aspect helps to ensure young children will not be gaining unneeded access to this area.

One thing that would help make this app a bit more child friendly is to add a narration option for young children. Providing this option would allow pre-readers to enjoy the story without the help of a parent.

PaddleDuck Color and Story is an easy to use app with a cute story that allows children to practice and learn their colors. Great for toddlers and pre-school age children.

Editor rating
Rated 4 stars