Parenting Advice From Psychologists

The psychologists form rounded up their best parented tips and created an infographic that’s been shared plenty of times on Pinterest. Review some of their most celebrated tips to keep in mind as you sail along on the Sea of Parenthood.

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Intentional Disruption

If your child intentionally disturbs or disrupts you, it’s because you aren’t being physically affectionate enough. Make sure you’re hugging, kissing, and spending time with your child every day to foster a better relationship and put an end to this behavior.


Is your child lying to you? This is likely because you overacted to small mishaps in the past. Lying means the child is afraid to tell you what really happened because of how you have reacted in the past.

Poor Self-Esteem

Poor self-esteem in your child indicates you aren’t encouraging enough. Think about it: do you encourage your child, or do you constantly spew “advice”? If the child feels corrected all the time, it’s no wonder he or she has low self-esteem.

No “Standing Up”

Do you find your child is not standing up for him or herself…ever? This is because you have disciplined the child too often in public. Refrain from disciplining the kid in front of anyone, including relatives and friends, to boost self-confidence. Talk about why standing up for him or herself is important while you’re at it.


If your child appears jealous of other children, it could be because you have compared the youngling to others too often. The old saying “Comparisons are odious” is true for a reason, so quit comparing your child to other kids and focus on what’s special about the little human.

No Respect For Others’ Feelings

Should your child show a lack of respect for others’ feelings, it’s probably because you have always ordered the little ‘un around rather than making it clear that his or her feelings are important. Stop the ordering and start giving pause to how the child feels.

Keep these tips in mind…your child will appreciate it!!