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Most people living in North America have heard the legend of Paul Bunyan and Babe, his big blue ox. Ruckus Media Group has done a terrific job bringing this latest addition of their celebrity narrated stories to the idevices. The story of Paul Bunyan, told by Jonathan Winters, is a universal app that performs well on either of the devices.

Users have three choices for enjoying this delightful story. You can watch the video, which is narrated by comedian Jonathan Winters. Jonathan does a fantastic job of narrating this story of how Paul Bunyan cleared the Dakota Territories for settlement at the request of President Teddy Roosevelt. This legendary comedian has the user so engrossed in the story that you don’t realize how long you’ve been watching the video! The kids had to come and see what I was doing when I started the video and ended up watching the WHOLE thing without saying a word; except a few chuckles along the way. The video lasts almost 24 minutes; perfect entertainment for a short car trip.

One other choice is to read the book yourself. This option has no background music; it’s a true storybook. The last choice is to read and record. Recording is easy enough that a parent can record themselves reading the book for their kids or the kids can record themselves, which is good for young readers. My kids always love recording their voices. The illustrations are vibrant and beautiful no matter which choice you choose.

Navigation buttons are an important feature in a book this size. Each of the three choices has the same navigation buttons, which are easy to use even for the youngest of users.

Ruckus Media Group will donate 100% of net proceeds ($1.39) to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital for the sale of “Paul Bunyan, told by Jonathan Winters,” from November 15-December 31.

Bottom-line: Paul Bunyan, told by Jonathan Winters, is great family entertainment for on the go or at home. Ruckus Media Group will donate 100% of net proceeds ($1.39) to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital for the sale of “Paul Bunyan, told by Jonathan Winters,” from November 15-December 31.

Comedian Jonathan Winters narrates the larger-than-life tale of lumberjack Paul Bunyan, super-strong, super-smart, and tallest of the tall American folk hero. Read along, play along, and record your voice with apps for families from Ruckus Media!

•READ the classic story (illustrated by Rick Meyerowitz)!

•SEE the engaging video!

•HEAR Emmy and Golden Globe nominee and comedian Jonathan Winters tell the story with musical accompaniment by award-winning folk guitarist Leo Kottke! (Original recording production of Paul Bunyan received a Grammy Award Nomination – Best Recording for Children)

•RECORD your voice reading to your child — or your children can practice reading aloud and record their own!

Now the original Rabbit Ears video is digitally re-mastered and optimized for mobile media — Ruckus Media introduces traditional storytelling for today’s ways of telling stories!

Perfect for families on the go, the award-winning animated story of Paul Bunyan invites children to read the stories, play the videos, and — in a fresh and unique function — record their own or a loved one’s voice for personalized reading aloud.

At Ruckus Media we create stories for mobile devices that entertain toddlers to teens from their fingers to their minds, at home or on the road — and invite their imaginations to grow.

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