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Price: Free In-App Purchases


Pegs ‘n Holes is a logic and strategy game suitable for a wide range of ages and abilities. Players must move colored pegs into matching colored holes to fill the board. If all moves are made correctly, the board is easily filled. However, one wrong move will lead to a logical dead end, requiring a reset or undoing moves to find the mistake. The game is addictive and fun, and features several levels and modes of play.

Features include:

  • Choose online competitive or solo offline play
  • Choose board complexity from six levels
  • View stats for solo games or competitive play
  • Choose color or shape mode
  • Play an infinite number of boards at every level in solo mode


Pegs ‘n Holes is a high quality app that is simple to use. Developers included a helpful tutorial page that explains the game briefly and clearly, but game play is fairly intuitive and does not take much effort to learn. All of the options are clearly labeled and easy to find and implement. Great job on a simple and effective design!


This app is not intended to be educational, but it does encourage logic and problem solving skills.


This simple app is quite likely to provide hours of entertainment on many levels. The visual design is appealing: black background with vibrant colors that really pop. Players could easily be deceived into thinking that the game is simplistic if they start on the first level. They will quickly run into challenging material, though, if they keep increasing the complexity level. The option to play competitively is also attractive, though many people will be quite satisfied to improve their speed and solve the more challenging levels.


Pegs ‘n Holes is a free app that includes optional in-app purchases, making it an exceptional value. The purchase is currently 99 cents and removes advertisements and adds three levels of complexity to the boards. Competitive play is available using a 7 x 7 board (the easiest level uses 4 x 4 boards).

Child Friendliness

While this game is great for older players, Pegs n’ Holes is not particularly child friendly. There are no parent gates protecting links, so children can easily access the in-app purchase, ratings system, account creation system, and more. There are also third-party advertisements in the margins that link to the open internet.

  • YES 3rd party advertisements
  • YES unprotected in-app purchase
  • YES unprotected ratings link
  • YES unprotected competitive mode with unknown players
Pegs ‘n Holes
Pegs ‘n Holes
Pegs ‘n Holes is an outstanding game for older players. The range of options makes it perfect for all levels and abilities, and the competitive option will be very motivating for players who enjoy head-to-head competition.
Child Friendly