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Pepe & Pepita is another great educational app from Mrs. Judd's Games that will help children learn a variety of vocabulary words while providing practice identifying the correct gender for each noun. A great app for a great price!

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Pepe and Pepita is an awesome bilingual app by Mrs. Judd’s Games that teaches Spanish vocabulary words and provides practice for identifying the masculine and feminine nouns. This high quality app is full of bright colors with the Day of the Dead theme, fun music, and 12 levels to explore. For children who may be struggling with Spanish vocabulary words or the gender for each, this app will provide a ton of practice in a game-like setting.

Features include:

  • 12 Levels
  • Trophies to earn
  • 190+ Vocabulary words


At first glance parents and children will notice the bright colors and illustrations that are used in this app. Pepe and Pepita are skeletons that are dressed up in bright clothing with their skulls decorated for the Day of the Dead celebration and the background for each level are also decorated to match this overall theme. The audio throughout the app includes fun Spanish style music and fun sound effects for each correct answer provided. The developers have also included simple animation for each correct response as Pepe and Pepita dance to celebrate.

One thing I was surprised to find is that there is no option for narration in this app. With it being a bilingual app with a variety of vocabulary words, it would be helpful to include a pronunciation of each word in the app or have a separate activity for that purpose. With that said, the overall quality of the app is still very good.


Pepe and Pepita is a great app for children who are learning Spanish and need a bit of help with using the correct gender for nouns. It is also great for learning new vocabulary words. The overall concept is pretty simple. Each level provides a picture to illustrate the word in the center between Pepe and Pepita. The goal is to drag the item to Pepe for “el” or Pepita for “la” indicating the correct gender for that particular word. The word is also spelled one letter at a time at the top of the page. For instance, for cat, gato will be spelled at the top and players would drag the picture of the cat to Pepe since ‘gato’ is a masculine noun. If players answer correctly, the two skeletons do a dance, points are earned, and a new noun appears. For incorrect answers, the skeletons scratch their heads and a new word appears.

If children drag and drop the item correctly before the word is finished being spelled they receive bonus points. This is where children can really test their knowledge of each word as they play.

Something that I felt was missing as stated above is the narration. While the app is not meant to teach the pronunciation of each word, I think it would be a nice option to add for children since they are likely going to be learning new words since there are close to 200 vocabulary words included in the app.


In addition to the overall challenge children are going to have playing with this app, they also can have a bit of fun since it is set up like a game. In addition to the 12 levels that have to be unlocked, points (and bonus points) to earn, and trophies they are rewarded, this app includes a mini game in between each level which is a great way to break up the educational pieces of the app and provide a lot of fun. It also gives children something to work toward as they complete each level.


Priced at just under three dollars this app is a great value. With 12 levels, almost 200 vocabulary words, a fun game-like concept, and trophies to win as children play, children are going to love practicing their Spanish. With everything you get, Pepe and Pepita is far more entertaining and a much better deal than you might find in a Spanish workbook.

Child Friendliness

Mrs. Judd’s apps are always great for children and this app is no different. The primary focus is on the educational value for children so this app does not have any social media links, in app purchases, or advertisements. The app itself is also very easy to use with simple drag and drop functioning in each activity. It’s also great that players don’t need a ton of instruction to get started. The user interface is extremely intuitive and is perfect for children of all ages.

Pepe & Pepita is another great educational app from Mrs. Judd's Games that will help children learn a variety of vocabulary words while providing practice identifying the correct gender for each noun. A great app for a great price!

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars