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An innovative and child friendly musical learning app that teaches various songs, instruments, and colors in an easy and fun way.

PianoBall is an innovative musical learning app that allows little ones to explore various instruments, colors, and songs. With two piano options , solfege syllables, a key locking mechanism, and added security for parent only areas, this app has it all. If you have a toddler or preschooler interested in music, this is the perfect app to introduce them to various instruments while teaching them fun songs.

Features include:

  • 10 Songs
  • 4 Instruments
  • 8 Colors

PianoBall is full of bright colors has an innovative user interface, and an overall fun environment to play in. There are two different piano keyboards to choose from, one with larger keys that makes it easier for younger users and one with smaller keys. There are 4 balls that allow children to change the instrument, select a song, and select various colors. Once a song is selected, children are guided through the notes with magical stars highlighting the appropriate keys to play. Toddler mode is great for little ones as it allows them to play the song no matter what keys they touch.

Another interesting feature allows children to explore one of four instruments, a saxophone, drums, piano, and xylophone by shaking the device and watching the instrument appear. They can even play the various songs using one of the 4 instruments. Overall this app is one with many features, wonderful music, and bright colors that will engage and delight little musicians as they explore this great app.

Many musical apps provide an opportunity for children to practice various songs, but some can be a little too advanced for young children. Piano Ball provides an easy to use interface to teach children not only how to play songs like “Jingle Bells” and “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”, but also guides them through the notes by highlighting the keys to be played.

It also allows children to see the Solfege syllables (Do, Re, Mi etc.) and learn about various instruments in addition to learning and practicing 8 colors. This app is by far one of the best musical learning apps I have seen with so many diverse educational opportunities for children.

If you have a little one at home you know they love things that make noise and PianoBall provides the perfect outlet for that. Not only does it provide musical practice by learning various songs, but it also allows children to explore their own musical talents as they play around with various notes without selecting a particular song. For parents that want to expose their children to music while looking for a fun and innovative tool to do so, this is the perfect app.

There are so many opportunities for learning and fun in this app and getting it for under two dollars is quite the steal. I am sure parents will agree that PianoBall is worth every penny because it provides ample entertainment and educational features that children will enjoy playing over and over again.

The developers have gone above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to making this app child friendly. Not only is there a toddler mode that allows children to play the selected song without touching the correct notes, but there is also a great locking feature that allows parents to lock the balls in place so the song, color, and instrument can not be changed.

There is a wonderful lock feature on the parent’s only button. This button allows parents to access the app support link, email feature, and social media link by touching and holding the button for one second. This is the perfect way to provide a safe environment for children to play without being distracted by flashy advertisements or social media links.

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