Places That Must Be Avoided for Balance Bike Riding

A balance bike is a perfect toy for riding by kids. It is a vehicle that brought into the outside to ride. But not all the places are safe for riding balance bikes. You should have a thorough knowledge about the risky places, and thus keep an eye on avoiding those places.  In this article, we will go to discuss the places that must be avoided for riding a balance bike.

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The highway is always prohibited from riding a balance bike by the kids as this is very risky. Many heavy vehicles run along with highways, so you should have the big concern about this. So it is better to select remote  places from highways for riding balance bikes.

Hilly Roads

If you live in a hilly area, then you will have a hard time maintaining a good place for letting your child ride his or her balance bike. You will have to give some efforts to ensure a plain land where your child can ride the balance bike smoothly without any hassle.

Zigzag Roads

The riding streets should also be smooth, otherwise it will be very difficult to ride a balance bike on zigzag streets.

Damaged and Broken Roads

Never allow your child to ride his or her balance bike along with a broken or damaged road as this is very risky and can injure your child seriously.

Sea Beach or Other Watery Areas

Always keep your child away from sea beaches, ponds, canals, rivers etc for riding a balance bike as your child may drown there at any moment.

Isolated Places

There are some places where you will hardly see any people passing time are some sorts of isolated places. These isolated places are prone to different types of malicious things such as hijacking, kidnapping etc. So you should be knowledgeable about the places and teach your child not to go there riding a balance bike.

Bushy Areas or Jungles

There might be some places beside your house which are full of bushes or trees. These areas are good places for wild animals’ and  toxic insects’ living. So there is a potential risk for anybody in riding those places.

Toxicated Areas

Industrial areas are full of fumes and smokes which are very toxic and can cause harm to human health. There are also some drainage systems where full of garbages are kept. All these places should be avoided at any cost.

Filthy Area

Dustbin or other dirty areas must be avoided for riding a balance bike.

Rail Crossing or Beside Rail Lines

Rail crossing or rail line is very dangerous for riding or doing anything besides this. Many people get accidents at these places, so be aware of your child for riding those places.

Noisy Area

The noisy area may seem to be a non-harmfull place for riding a balance bike, but if your child regularly rides in this types of places, then there might be a potential risk for hearing damage.

All the mentioned places are highly risky for riding a balance bike. So it needs deliberate consideration for choosing a suitable place where your child can ride his or her balance bike. A suitable place may be where there is no chance of other motor vehicles’ incoming, no risk of drowning, full of more and more fresh air, non-toxic area etc.

Finally, riding a balance bike is not all, you will have to find out a better place so that your child can ride comfortably without the little extent of risk.