Popular Kids Character Apps


Popular Kids Characters

You can find apps for any of your child’s favorite popular characters. Simply filter the search for the character name and you’ll find all the apps designed around that character. You can also filter the search by age group to get suitable and age-appropriate materials and apps for all ages.

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My Little Pony

My Little Pony is hugely popular with kids. Who doesn’t love a pony? These My Little Pony apps contain games, videos and books all designed around My Little Pony. Your child will have countless hours of fun with these My Little Pony apps.

Lego Apps For Kids

LEGO are no longer plastic building blocks you step on in the kids’ room. They’ve now gone digital. No more aching feet. In fact, we’ve compiled a list of great LEGO titles you can use on your iPhone of mobile device. This is a great new twist on spatial skills and a wonderful use of technology for kids. Download a LEGO app from our list and provide your child with hours of entertainment.

Princess Apps

Your Disney kid is going to love these Disney Princess apps. There are endless combinations of fashion fun, games and puzzles that your Disney lover can play with our list of super fun Disney Princess apps.

Spiderman Apps

Is your kid a Spiderman fan? You’re in luck. We’ve got a list of the best Spiderman apps in ebook,zine , game and video formats for your mobile devices. Your kids will spend countless hours with Peter Parker and fight crime with these fun and entertaining Spiderman apps.

Elmo Apps

Kids love Elmo and so do we! Elmo apps on this list teach art, letters, numbers and all about the people in your neighborhood. Your child can even receive calls, video calls and voicemail messages from Elmo!

Disney Apps

Disney apps for days! We’ve got the list of the best Disney apps for all age groups. These great apps are available for many of your mobile devices and we predict hours of happy kids playing with all the fun Disney kids apps.

Frozen Apps

This list of popular apps is everything worth downloading from Disney’s Frozen. Videos, games, apps music photos and puzzles await for your Frozen fan.

Sesame Street Apps

Sesame Street continues to evolve as it expands to the App Store. Educational games, videos puzzles and more will teach your child with the familiar Sesame Street characters we all know and love. Your young child can only benefit from these cultural and educational Sesame Street apps all compiled her for your mobile devices.

Nickelodeon Apps

These great apps from Nickelodeon will have your kids entertained for hours on end. Your child’s favorite shows and characters are all here and ready play on your mobile devices. Search by age group to find the best apps for your child.

Dr. Seuss Apps

Classic Dr. Suess is here at your fingertips with an outstanding collection of apps featuring the art and poetry of the great Dr. Suess. Your early reader will enjoy stories and games that entertain as well as teach. These apps are destined to be family favorites well into the elementary school years

Curious George Apps

Curious George never grows old. He just keeps going on adventures. This list of Curious George apps will teach and entertain your children through kindergarten and beyond.

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