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Preschool EduKitty App Review

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Preschool EduKitty takes kids on a learning journey full of rainbows, stars and plenty of educational games. Kids ages two through five can play multiple matching games, color games, shape games and games that incorporate letter and number recognition.

As kids complete activities, they are rewarded with a satisfying “whee” as the kitty slides down a slide. Affirmations such as “wow,” “great” and “fantastic” are regularly exclaimed throughout the game. For every five activities, kids also get to fill their stamp board with a new stamp, complete with cheers and sparklers, making children feel like academic all-stars as they advance through the app.

Features include:

  • Positive rewards system
  • Animated 3D graphics
  • Spoken directions
  • Multiple levels of play

High-quality, brightly-colored 3D graphics, including an animated 3D kitty that guides kids through the app, are clearly designed with kids in mind. The audio is clear, ensuring kids know how to play each game. As they tap through the app, kids are immediately rewarded with a response and they can move quickly from one game to the next.

The quality of the app is also evident in the parent settings. Not only can parents select from one of three levels of play, but they can also turn on and off specific games, allowing them to tailor the app to fit an individual child’s interests and abilities.

EduKitty exposes kids to multiple concepts. While many apps are focused on teaching kids letters, numbers, shapes and colors, this app introduces kids to even more skills. These include matching, looking for similarities and differences, identifying biggest and smallest and recognizing items left to right and top and bottom.

In addition, parents can tailor the app to fit their children’s educational needs. Three different levels of instruction and 13 different activities are available. Parents of children who do not need to practice their letters or numbers can simply turn off those activities. Activities that are too advanced for children can be turned off with the tap of a finger as well.

EduKitty’s bright colors, 3D graphics and sounds of affirmation will keep kids entertained. They will be motivated to complete activities to see the 3D kitty slide down the red slide with a path of stars following behind and receive the stamps after every five activities. From sparkles and positive praise to cheerful exclamations of “one more time” or “try again,” every tap produces a response.

While the activities included in the app are fairly simple, kids will not become bored with them either. The app rotates the activities, so kids will not get bored by having to complete multiple versions of the same activity at once.

One of the only downsides to EduKitty is that it is not free. However, when considering the customization options and variety of activities available, the price of the app is minimal. The three levels of play also help guarantee that parents and kids will get a lot of use out of the app.

Few apps are as child-friendly as EduKitty. Once the app is opened, a large play button is all the stands between kids and the activities the app contains. From there, kids simply listen to the short instructions and tap to correctly complete the activity. Kids who have trouble coming up with the correct response on the first or second try will not become frustrated by a game that moves on or quits on them. Instead, they are given as much time and as many chances as needed to come up with the correct response and are rewarded with the same positive praise whether it takes one or five tries to successfully complete the activity.

Preschool EduKitty-Kids Games
Preschool EduKitty-Kids Games
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