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Preschool Maze 123 Pro App Review

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This high quality app uses brightly colored interactive mazes to help kids learn to problem solve. Each maze has a different theme to explore.

Preschool Maze 123 is an interactive and fun app that tasks the user with solving mazes. The app is suitable for children aged 3 – 6 years.

Upon completing a maze, the user is rewarded with happy characters on the screen dancing to music. Each time a maze is completed, a golden star is added to the main page. The characters travel along a yellow brick road until they eventually reach the castle, this is the last and most difficult level.

    • Features include:

      • 16 different mazes to explore
      • Animated graphics
      • Fun characters
      • Multiple languages

The high quality animated graphics, fun characters and cute illustrated animals will appeal to children. The background music is fun and rhythmic, and adds an extra level of sensory enjoyment for young children. This seamless game is enjoyable from start to finish, and each new maze reveals a host of new characters to enjoy.

There are 16 unique mazes to work through, each with its own theme for your child to explore.

Preschool Maze 123 encourages your child to develop problem solving skills, patience and hand-eye co-ordination. The mazes are bright, fun and detailed. On some levels, the child will have to perform tasks throughout the maze, for example, collecting a key to unlock a treasure chest, or rescuing baby animals. This will challenge your child further as it complicates the route they must take.

The app even provides print-friendly versions of the mazes so your child can practice them without the iPad. The printouts will help your child to improve their pencil control.

Preschool Maze 123 is full of bright colors, fun animations and cheery music. Kids won’t tire of this game, because each new level is harder than the last, so they will be challenged until the end. Every maze is different and features new interactive objects and characters to explore.

You can also print off the maps and use them to entertain more than one child at once.

Preschool Maze 123 is an entertaining high quality app at a low cost. It’s not free, and you’ll see why when you’ve experienced the quality for yourself. It is marketed at a reasonable price, and is well worth it for the hours of entertainment it will provide for your preschooler.

Preschool Maze 123 is really easy for kids to use. Just teach them how to drag the character across the screen, and they’ll be ready to play.

Once you’re in the game, there are no ads or in-app purchases. However, the home screen does feature brightly colored ‘more apps’ and ‘settings’ buttons (with click through links to social networking sites) which may attract your child’s attention. The easy way round this is to start the game before handing the iPad over to your preschooler.

Preschool Maze 123
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