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The app is available for free starting Sept 29, 2011 as part of Moms With Apps Free App Friday promotion. Act fast! Normally this app costs $1.99, which is still a stellar value for an app your kids are going to adore.

What do you get when you cross an educational circus and series of colorful, interactive puzzles? Why, PUZZINGO, of course.

A wonderful world of circus fun awaits your child in this app that’s simply like no other.

Utilizing a unique on screen shake-to-open interface your child will create their very own circus. Each attraction is a puzzle mini-game where she will learn letters, numbers, animal names, sounds and more.

Your child will identify the correct piece for each puzzle slot, dragging and dropping them to the correct location to complete a scene. Once a puzzle comes together they can tap on pieces to hear funny sounds and reinforce their learning through audio repetition.

It’s all about interaction in the PUZZINGO app. Mini games are tucked in every corner, from the balloon firing cannon to the fly swatting adventure.

This is not an app your child will play once and never think about again. Each lesson is available to repeat and the app can be reset on a harder level to challenge your little learner. Your child is sure to come back to it day after day. That’s true quality.

Your child will learn about:

• Letters
• Ocean Animals
• Numbers
• Common Farm Animals
• Toys
• Wild Animals

Fans of the app will also want to visit PUZZINGO’s iTunes page for info about unlocking a special hidden puzzle and game, though you might be able to unlock the secret right in the app if you explore.



PUZZINGO is an extremely engaging puzzle learning app, full of bright colors and fun interactive effects, perfect for kids ages 2 – 4. PUZZINGO is a highly-rated puzzle game designed for young children. Children build up a circus ground while playing series of fun, educational, interactive puzzles. The puzzles have over a hundred pieces that teach your children: Numbers, Alphabets, Common Farm Animals, Ocean Animals, Toys, and Wild Animals. As children play the games, they learn what different animals sound like, they learn the names of different objects, and they are entertained the entire time by funny sounds and great animations. Better yet, when they finish a puzzle, they will be rewarded to a variety of entertaining “celebrations.”