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Quick Math, a new universal math app, takes a different approach in how kids enter their answers while practicing math drills. This math app has kids writing their answers on the screen rather than the traditional keypad or buttons to enter the number.

Designed for kids ages 6-11, Quick Math covers addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. A fifth section offers a mix of the other four. Three levels of difficulty are available in each section; beginner, intermediate and advanced. Kids are timed as they complete a set of 20 math problems. Upon completion of the set they are able to see their progress report. The variety of math problems presented is good. There are no settings for practicing particular math fact sets. This type of setting is something schools and parents look for in a math drills app. Many schools have kids complete timed math drills. The kids must pass addition 1s before moving onto the 2s and so on.

While very basic in design, as far as colors and graphics, the app still has an atmosphere that is appealing to kids. Quick Math is intuitive and provides some in-app instructions. It provides a safe environment for kids to improve their math skills; the app does not contain in-app purchases, ads or social media buttons. Moving the ratings pop-up to a location that kids do not have access to it or where it will not interrupt them would be ideal.

Recognition of the handwriting is not perfect and takes a little getting used to. The app did a good job recognizing the variety of handwriting my young tester and I threw at it. Two options for handwriting styles are available in the Settings menu.

Multiple user accounts would be a benefit for families and schools, as would the ability to view the progress report from the main screen or Settings menu.

Bottom line

Quick Math is a universal math app for improving addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills. Kids will enjoy writing their answers on the screen.
Quick Math is a tool designed to assist in making children fluent in basic arithmetic. It covers Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division between the age groups of 6-11. The input method of writing on the screen reinforces the muscle memory that will allow them to master handwriting in the classroom.

Quick Math challenges the children to not only be accurate but to continually improve the speed of their answers. It incorporates a slick animated interface and historical statistics to provide that impetus they need.

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Quick Math
Quick Math
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