How to quiet a little screamer

How to quiet a little screamer

All parents hope to hear children cry and shout when kids are infants. But when children are older, they continue shouting and crying. That’s very frustrate. To help parents, I provide some ways below.

First, parents shouldn’t shouting at children like children do.

Each family shouldn’t have too many loudspeakers. So, you should tell children slightly and calm down. Children tend to do as parents do. Thus, children will lower their volume if their parents don’t tell them too loud.



Second, parents should ask children about their emotion.

Parents should see whether children have something abnormal or not. Children can shout when wanting parents’ notice. For example, you think children feel scared when coming to a overcrowding shopping center. In this case, you should take your children leave there. You can take children there when it’s not too crowded. Parents also should teach children how to describe their mood without shouting. After that, your kids won’t scream at all.

The third thing should be done is make children concentrate on some other things.

Parents should give children something they like before they shout. If parents give children something after their shouting, children will understand in another way. Kids will think that if they want to be given something, they should scream. But when children are too busy to play some toys or eat something, they will forget shouting.

Furthermore, parents shouldn’t glance at children.

Parents don’t have to worry too much. This action won’t last too long. Besides, if children scream because they aren’t allow to do something they like, you should make children stop shouting by some ways. You can pretend to nag. Children will see that. Then they forget shouting.

Another thing should be done is teach children control their voices.

When children scream because of their happiness, you shouldn’t criticize or scold them. If kids scream too loud, you should calm down. After that, you should tell children :” You shout like this can makes me be headache.”
Sometimes with just slightly remind, you can make your children rethink about their actions. After that, children won’t scream anymore.

Creating a healthy environment also should be done by parents.

Relaxing environment is very important with children’ maturity. Environment around will affect kids’ emotion. All parents have something worth being angry at offices. But you should restrain it. Don’t let your children see you tired and easy to angry. It will affect children’ mood too much. Relaxing environment can make chances for children to be good all day.

Parents also can replenish more interests for children.

When children’ emotion are good, parents should let children play some new games. Maybe children don’t like playing these games at first. In this case, parents should slightly instruct children. Besides, instruct children step by step can make children feel interest with these games. And parents also should encourage children play these new games.

You also can ignore when children shout.
You should skip the shouting of children. You should wait until your kids calm down. Or your appearance can makes children feel worse. In this case, parents should comtemporarily leave there.
Parents shouldn’t urge children stop screaming.

You shouldn’t use this way to relieve children. It will make children scream more and more after. If parents humor children each time they scream, children will think in a wrong way. They will think that their requirement will be adapted if they scream. So, urging is just a contemporarily way to make children stop shouting.

When children make a mistakes, then scream. In this case, parents shouldn’t agree with kids. You should leave children in a corn of house. Besides, you should tell kids that they are just allowed to leave there when stop crying.