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SAT Vocab by MindSnacks is an entertaining way to increase your vocabulary whether studying for SATs or just for fun.

When you first use the app, it prompts you to create an account or use your Facebook account. Setting up an account enables you to use multiple devices and to have your progress available regardless of which device you are using.

The first, of 25 levels, is free to download; each level contains 20 words; for each word the definition, which part of speech the word is (noun, adjective, etc.), antonym, image and audio clip are provided. Level one includes words such as ludicrous, obsequious and outmoded. The remaining levels are available through one in-app purchase.

MindSnacks has designed this app to include six mini games; Fish Tank, Totem, Word Birds, Shutterbug, Meteor Attack and Mystery Crate. Fish Tank shows a word or definition of a word and you must choose from the two options provided before the water drains out of the tank. Totem is a Totem pole with a few words, definitions, images and antonyms. They must be lined up correctly before the word is considered mastered. This game is also timed.

In the Review section, the user is shown the word list with their definitions, images, antonyms and an audio clips. This section provides a great way to skim through the words for that particular level.

Want to see your progress at a glance, check out the Profile section. This section shows your weekly activity, weekly accuracy, challenges and items mastered.

Settings, found under the Profile section, is where you can log out of your account, change preferences for intro and game music, control push notifications for training reminders and word of the day, and find Maintenance and Support information. SAT Vocab can be a multi-user app, just be sure to log in and out of the accounts.

This is such a great app that I wish there was one similar for elementary and middle school aged kids!

Bottom line

SAT Vocab – MindSnacks is a great tool for increasing your vocabulary.
MindSnacks SAT Vocab is a one-of-a-kind vocabulary learning game.

It’s the most enjoyable and exciting way to learn SAT vocabulary!

MindSnacks features six exciting games designed to build vocabulary, spelling, and listening skills, including an all-new game that incorporates antonyms.

Make your way through 25 levels of SAT vocabulary, playing games and completing fun challenges as you go. Every level features 20 words commonly tested on the SAT; for each word the definition, part of speech, and antonym are provided, as well as an image and audio clip to aid recognition and pronunciation. The app also includes a unique learning algorithm that uses proven methods of memorization training to make sure you don’t forget the material you learn as you progress through the app.

Great for students prepping for the SAT as well as for adults looking to polish up their vocabulary skills!

MindSnacks is the most enjoyable and exciting way to learn SAT vocabulary! Get started with MindSnacks SAT Vocab now!

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