School Holiday Rules To Implement

Your kids are off for the Christmas holiday, but that doesn’t mean all rules have to fly out the frosty window! Use the following ideas to keep kids from spending their entire school holiday in front of the television or computer.

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Morning Rituals

Allow kids to play with the iPad or their favorite video games once they complete their morning routines. This includes making their beds, eating breakfast, brushing their teeth, getting dressed, and brushing their hair.

Reading, Writing, Coloring

Promote educational activities while the kids are home from school. Request 20 minutes of reading and 20 minutes or writing or coloring/making art. They will likely not even notice they have surpassed the 20-minute mark and will want to keep going!


Don’t let the holiday equal dirty rooms. Instruct your kids to pick up after themselves every day and clean their rooms at least once while they are home from school. This means a deep clean–as in vacuuming, dusting, organizing, culling, etc.

Playing Outside

Encourage your kiddies to play outside during the holiday break! At least 20 minutes of outside play is recommended, though keep frigid winter temperatures in mind. Bundle the younglings well before sending them into the backyard for cold weather adventures. If there’s snow on the ground, ask them to build snowmen–you might end up with a yard full of snow people!

Helping Out

Require the kids to help out around the house while they’re home from school. This can be as simple as helping you unload the dishwasher, feeding and watering the cat, and folding laundry. Go “bigger” if desired by having them vacuum the entire first floor, clean the bathroom(s), etc. You can also have them help you with big projects such as cleaning out the garage or the basement.

Have fun!