Schwinn Balance Bike Review

The company was founded by German-born Mechanical Engineer in 1895 after he moved to Chicago. The most parts of the 20th century this bike manufacturing company has remained the dominant factor. But after bankruptcy in 1992, the company was owned by a multinational conglomerate and manufactures under a sub brand of Pacific Cycle.

Schwinn Balance bike, a full aluminum alloy made bike has a buying price much less than any other balance bikes of its club. At first look you will feel it is a sturdy bike but then the weight and price will amaze you for sure. If I want a simple balance bike for my children and which will also cost less I will surely buy this balance bike.

Benefits of Customers: The adjustable handlebar lets parents to adjust the handle according to their kids hand size. Also, adjustable seat helps to higher the seat height when children grow bigger. Aluminum alloy might be a bit heavy but it is strong and will not break easily. Big tubes of the bike hide curved bolts so that it will not scratch your kid’s legs or skin.



The whole frame of the bike is made of Aluminum Alloy and it Weighs 10.5 lbs. Seat height can be adjusted ranging from 14 inch to 16.5 inch.

Schwinn is providing Air Tires instead of foam tires. There is also a footrest to rest your kid’s foot.

Diligently made hand grip on the handlebar give good grip. Also the handlebar can be adjusted to your desired length.

At the first look of the big seat you will know that it is comfortable. There is also a handlebar decorative that increases the feel of the bike a bit more.

Pros and Cons of Schwinn Balance Bike.



  • The frame of the bike is made of aluminum allow which in turn makes the bike durable.
  • Air tire is another great addition by Schwinn and that makes the bike ride able even in muddy or slippery grounds.
  • Adjustable seat height makes it easier for children aging 3 or less to ride the bike properly
  • Handlebar can be adjusted according to your kids hand size, another great addition of the bike
  • A footrest to rest foot.
  • Long and fat tubes of the bike hide the axle bolts which prevents accidents.
  • The bike is also weatherproof.
  • Even though the bike is weatherproof the body made of Aluminum Alloy has the potential to catch rust. The starting age to ride the bike is also a bit high as it is 2.5 years at least. Whereas other balance bike seat can be adjusted from 10 to 19 inch this bike’s seat can be adjusted from 14 to 16.5 inch only. The weight is also on the heavier side of the fence. The footrest is positioned in such a way that young kids will have hard time riding on it. The handlebar is too thin and feels brittle. The tubes get scratched easily especially the front tube.

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Guide to use: Most important thing before buying the bike is to find out if the bike is a good fit for your child. Try different seat height to get the perfect height for your kids. Adjust the handle bar according to your kids hand size. It is better not to wear loose pants while riding the bike for better protection.

Maintain and Clean: Whatever bike your kid might use it has to be maintained properly. The first thing is clean it with a dry piece of cloth once in a while. Pour some grease on the seat adjusting frame to keep it rust less. Also pour some chain oil on the chain of the bike to keep the chain in great shape. Parents should have basic knowledge on how to take the tire off or to change the chain even though they are extremely easy to do. It just saves them some money when the time comes.


  1. When can my child start riding this bike?

Ans: It is better to give this bike to a child aging no less than 2.5 years

  1. I have heard the footrest can be irritating?

Ans: The footrest can be irritating for toddlers aging 2 years or less.

  1. How much time does it take to learn the balancing part?

Ans: It will take approximately 5 days to learn the balancing part as this bike has more stability than other bikes

Conclusion: Balance bike market is getting competitive day by day and new manufacturers are trying innovative things to enter this already hot market. Burley Balance Bike is one of the competitors of Schwinn. Even though Schwinn has an advantage of price over other bike manufacturers they should give more time on making some more value out of the bike other than price.