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Review Summary:

Secret Suitcase is a unique app, similar to a journal that aims to teach children about reflection, gratitude, and joy.

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Secret Suitcase is a unique app that aims to inspire a bit of reflection and gratitude in little ones by using a “secret suitcase” where they collect their thoughts and wishes from the day. With two customizable characters to choose from, children can create their very own Maks or Mila avatar (based on the book series) to record, send, and share their wishes and happy thoughts.

Features include:

  • Customizable characters
  • Voice record option
  • Unique concept


While this app does allow children to record their voices and customize their characters, the functionality of the app could use some work. As children move through the app to add wishes to their suitcase or to send to others, it isn’t entirely clear what they will be doing from the main page. With no music or narration, it can be difficult for children to know exactly what they should be doing with the app especially when young children are playing.

With that said the illustrations and colors for the background images have a nice whimsical feel that will appeal to children, but overall the functionality needs some work.


As children add things to their secret suitcase they can use wishes already included in the app such as “got a hug” or they can add their own. Children who are comfortable reading and writing will have the ability to add their own thoughts and ideas in this area by typing their own wishes and happy thoughts.

The lack of narration really limits who can use the app as well as the potential for learning new words etc. Incorporating highlighted text with instructions could help as well as adding a bit more content to inspire children to record their thoughts. It would even be nice to have a video or animation that explains the purpose of gratitude, joy, etc. so children learn the value behind the app.


Secret Suitcase does not have any additional games or activities for children to play however some children may enjoy recording their own thoughts and adding them to their suitcase or emailing them (using the device) to someone else. The Secret Suitcase concept is almost like a virtual diary with a different set up which is unique and since children can share their thoughts and recordings with others, it can help children stay in contact with friends and family. This bit of communication and sharing might be fun for children, but adding an additional activity would really add to the entertainment value.


While the activities and functionality could use some work, the concept is unique and the app is free. It is a good app to try if parents are trying to teach children a bit of reflection and gratitude.

Child Friendliness

Secret Suitcase is fairly easy to move through though the instructions aren’t entirely clear. It could also use some text highlighting and narration as well as additional activities to help keep children engaged, but it is fairly safe to use. There are no social media links or advertisements, however the app does allow children to send wishes from the device so parents will want to watch for that. They also allow children to send wishes to the website where parents and children can view them later.

Secret Suitcase is a unique app, similar to a journal that aims to teach children about reflection, gratitude, and joy.

Editor rating
Rated 4 stars